23 April 2019

All the commands my service dog knows!

thank you so mych for watching! I probably forgot some of the commands, honestly though, that happens a lot! I'll be out and about with him and he'll do a ...

hold it....

(upbeat acoustic music plays) hey guys, welcome back to the channel! I'm Annika and this is my service dog Sherlock and today's video is going to be all about the different commands that my service dog Sherlock - -who is flopped over now, knows. yeah! so here are all the commands he knows come! let's go sit down stay stand, settle good lap (pats legs) all the way (dog tags jingling in the background) and off leave it. (kibble hits the ground) focus, yes side (gasps) side good, heel closer release! better hurry (silly cartoon music plays) better hurry wait good! and come come visit

visit visit Sherlock move very good! (gasps) come closer very good go to your bed good Sherlocky dress very good! go in good tuck (dog huffs) very good jump on jump on! paw good, other paw thank you -drop it not sit, drop it car down down very good Sherlock here very good! (pats dog) sit quickly very good. back, back back behind

step, step good tug look get it find your leash very good! now bring it here Sherlocky bring it here (pats leg) get it, hold. hold it look up here, very good. hold it give. yes!! good dog! get ready good ugh, this is your favorite command. speak speak (dog huffs) that's a huff, speak! speak! (dog barks) there we go let's go, and stop! so that was our video! so that covered all of Sherlock's service dog commands that were on the sheet, of his basic, and uh, advanced obedience as well as some tasks, and that isn't all he knows, he also knows a lot of tricks and has started learning agility if you want to see that in a video for the future, comment down below, that would be a lot of barking though, cause in case you haven't seen before, Sherlock likes to bark, a lot! when he's trick training, soooo yeah, hope you all have a good day, and we'll see you next time, bye! (gentle upbeat music plays)