13 March 2019

ALL THEM PROS!!! + Forever Smug opening this weekend!

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what is going on my reigning defending

w/e supercar champions of the world welcome back to the channel welcome back it is your girl luge here we're checking in with supercard for this week they got the flash event going down right now for blue teesta let me know how you're doing in that updates for supercard what since we're waiting on network we are opening the team this weekend so team events will start on Monday we'll do team battleground in the team event so yes let's go ahead and Billy Beale 88 points four seats whoa oh you only get one for a second I was like yo you get 24 seats for 80 credits that would be so worth it but no thank you I'm not paying eighty like when you give it for free in the pack but probably not today it's like every other day or is like so random when they give it away in packs I don't understand wish it wouldn't be random I wish they would just give it out in the packs but that's alright you get them off the draft board and whatnot hi cool beans let us go ahead we do have a fusion chamber which is from the seeds to to collect so let's see what we got in here hopefully something cool-looking what's it gonna be something sweet oh

don't be freezing on me don't be kicking me out don't make me lose this card Spring Fever drew McIntyre gothic I actually love the image and Drew McIntyre you are a savage you let me tell you something brother you scare me you do scare me cool image I'll take it I'll take it let's see the kind of reward you could get yeah nice if it was me honor shattered by because I have no choice all right we do have on you we do have some rewards to claim as well so let's go ahead and claim our rewards champion rewards we have a shot at a shattered card here so fingers crossed we go from Gothic to shattered possibly claim reward here we go platinum pack opening it looks like we got three neon cards which is fine that's fine Mustafa Ali Rey Mysterio and sting I'm wondering if Mustafa is a pro for me we'll definitely have to go and and check it that out but let us first go ahead and clean our login bonus see seed seed or size pupil Oh beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful yeah let's start that up again I like that like getting all those seeds actually that was fantastic can actually throw you

guys in here boom activate you guys think yo thank you super good I hope y'all got hooked up with the seeds when you guys opened your login bonuses as well uh we do have a King of the Ring running it definitely didn't get that far probably didn't get out like the qualifying round so it is it is what it is there is a team Road to Glory going down I hope you are killing it or killed it already not killed it I hope you guys did really good in it and you got the card that you were going for yeah we take my team we're gonna open up this weekend so we're gonna go for the team event which will be ring domination and my team we're gonna play like every other week just because that's what we're doing right now so lighter load for you girl luge and it's got a lot of things going on right now with a little baby girl coming soon you guys know I pregnant I'm eight months pregnant and 37 weeks so full-term baby girl could come at any time any time and she might so gotta get things in order and that is what I am doing what else did I want to show you guys Oh yo Mustafa you ring the studio oh we got pro's are pro's are pro's baby we got so

many pros I'm working on them look I got I'm like working on all of them at the same time which is like probably not the best idea to do like I got my shin skis I got my Cedric's I'm working on everybody at the same time and I probably like and Michael P like if I probably just worked on one of them I probably would have a pro by now but like I work on all of them at the same time and then so those are the guys I was working on I haven't worked on Rey Mysterio at all I just just proton Gustav Ali I haven't worked on at all so yeah what is your strategy your techniques when you pro a card like are you like me where you'd like if you have a whole bunch you'll just start Oh Pro e trying to pro all of them or do you focus on one card individually which probably would make more sense but I'm just gonna kind of do it my way and it's my way my way you're the highway all right so I haven't really played much ring domination at all because you can see I have a zero charts charts whoo I didn't like talking about shards for Bautista I'm literally just training cards so we're waiting on network let's go ahead

and play if you don't make me wait too long cat better but don't forget make sure you follow me on Instagram to know when the team is going to be opened this weekend we will open the team up which start at shattered and if any shattered members want to join that's awesome we will lower it if we will lower it to neon fitting neon members want to join that would be awesome and we will look he blowing it until we fill up the team so luge his team is opening this weekend be there why why am I getting kicked out why we waiting on network like I'm trying to make a video here trying to try to do it do it live like I had a lot of games played didn't he it's gonna be it's gonna be a fascinating transition damn it write in the comments section if you know what that's from alright so that's what I do I'm a look at this and I would say hmmm which cards do I need to train you I need to train so I'm gonna put you down in that corner hopefully you get attacked and you do so now that's a game played for him and that's a shitty a going after you and that I need my

ship's keycard to uh to get a gameplay to so that start probing up these cards alright so let's go ahead and throw you get that card back because now I'll put Michael P Hayes in the corner without getting him back perfect and then I kind of want to throw some since gay in here no I hope you don't get my card toughness II and you had the power up to so using your special ability I see you I see you over there I see you um let's say I don't think I want to use my shin scab right now because he's a down arrow and I don't think he's gonna be able to attack any of the other shin skis and win so we're just gonna hold on to you and hopefully if they go on the Left you can attack them in and get it picked my shit's good a lot of ski is on the board right now yes a lots of shits gays get him finish him perfect on the cards get in the plate all that good stuff lots of shin skis on the board hey why would you go after me your cards are trash know that but seriously like that card is like my cards overpowered why would you go after me please though now I don't know why you did it but you do the things you do and that's what

happens you take it out and I will pick some shards off the board which I have played so remaining pieces Oh 17 oh I guess I was just stacking them when I played I didn't pick any hey we got one that never happens that never happens but you can see it says picks remaining 16 so I did play a couple games and I was just stacking the picks and then I noticed never picked I guess saving it for this game play now but like I like to go in and just like play play play play stack up a whole bunch of picks and then just go in later and clean it up so it's cool different does anybody else do that am I the only one but we'll go ahead and finish this off get my picks I got so many cards that I need to pro I just need to just get them some games played so definitely definitely got to be doing that let's see let's see get lucky a - Energy's perfect I need those replenishing my king of the ring yes yes right here nope no love at least I got that one pic right away cool stuff alright yeah thank you guys so much again for checking out in this video again the team is going to open this week and the team is let me show

you right here forever smug forever smug we're private right now but make sure you follow me on Instagram I'll let you know when the team opens if you guys want to join be awesome to play with you guys and then don't forget that like after we play team battleground and the team event to remove yourself from the team because I'm not gonna be active so I don't want to hold you guys back and make some new people on team or maybe you could join back because if you stay on the team that I gotta kick you off and if I kick you off then you get blocked and you can't join back so make sure to leave and also just one more thing most importantly if you are going to join the team please be active please I cannot stress that enough we got we got Tyler here we got Frankie here they stay on the team and they're they're my generals they're my officers and they will let you guys know like definitely please be active we are only gonna be playing for like two days so if you want to play on the team please be active it's all we X it's all we ask oh yes but thank you guys so much for checking out this video and I will see

you a champions in the next one take care buh-bye that like button for future videos and I'll see you all in the next one bye champs