19 September 2014

American Bulldog has lost his mind! RED ZONE DOG bites Miami Dog Whisperer

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all right today I just started a case an

American Bulldog huge named Coco that is out of his mind and I didn't really know anything about this case before I got there so when I got there the owner was telling me nobody will go to his house none of his friends want to be there even if the dog is in the kennel run in the yard they don't want to be in the house that's how terrified they are of this guy and the owner has no idea what to do and really thinks he's that aggressive and out of control as well thank you sometimes I think he's out of his mind and he just it's crazy it's crazy there's no word to explain that can't walk him he goes after everything dogs cars anybody he sees he goes crazy at so Ariel's been in dilemma he was thinking do I put him to sleep do I give him away I mean this guy's a time bomb he's a walking liability so the moment I walked down to the yard when he was in the kennel run he went ballistic [Applause] and you can see him going crazy I mean through the run so I'm playing this game with him to really see he's aggressive he's a coward

what kind of aggression if he's a coward so you can see here the dog moving backwards towards the end of the kennel after he came forward a little bit the more I stayed there his butt completely pressed going away from me against the kennel and here in the video you see him backing up to one side of the kennel as I went far and in the long way of the kennel and he stayed completely on the opposite end of the kennel and didn't pursue me all the way across when I had it lengthwise holding his ground over there he never came close as long as he had distance he never closed the gap so it was a classic chicken but these kind of guys don't get me wrong when they're pressed or they get an opportunity somebody's afraid they snip at them they start charging people go backwards these guys can be super dangerous then you're gonna see me here come out in the suit and test that out outside the kennel run [Music] [Applause] then as I went out to press him outside you'll see him pooping on the camera after the whole game of me pressing him and him getting a little bit of the suit

and then you see him take a timeout when I laid the pressure off him and went over there and just pooped getting out all the pressure in the anxiety in the stress so as soon as I start walking towards him he charges me the more I press him you start to see the retreating truth of him inside even so still dangerous with these guys you better move right it better be done the right way or somebody's gonna get seriously hurt but then you can see I give him a little bit and he makes some charges at me after he can't take the pressure anymore and grabs my sleeve of the suit and starts shaking me all over the place then we want to take him outside you see me close to the door while he was trapped there and then he quitted and he relaxed and he settled down with me very close so we were already making improvements in him relaxing settling and he didn't have to go after me all the time and the whole time go home he's watching me by his holdings he wants to do good and he's going away perfect good so move around all right turn around to watch the other sake

once I get it I don't keep going at it because I needed to settle for a moment with what just happens iced tea pushing they keep pushing and keep pushing I'm not going to get he won't be able to calm down and focus but it's like right now I think Tom's wife flirt I mean it was the way you and he checks back to me to make sure each floor has thorns so right now it's like being trapped in this channel but at least he's holding the Japanese let it go [Music] this is his and the sound of his jewels right front cause the nervous we moving what's outburst I just gently think relax man relax and then he just goes into that relaxation alpha do it again you settle everything's good but if the outbursts aggressively from the apical right so you're telling them don't let yourself have moments like that about versus unnecessary you're fine so we pack that and with that to get that but hey read the door he did do a little bit in the beginning we settled it down and then you see him just standing there waiting and letting

me do things while he just hung out there and he was trapped by the door so instant progress there to look for a training and I think I found the perfect the perfect one today was his first class we trying to get all the aggression out of him and I've seen a ton of progress and it's incredible well we are accomplished in the first day there's only one Miami Dog Whisperer til next time