27 December 2016

American Bully 101 - How to start a successful kennel

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yo Todd dinner bully affiliated home of

hurricane bloodline a gente yard Paulo Showtime Hollywood legacy Nero go live a night here and I'm just gonna have a conversation I've been real busy doing a lot of training but I want to do something that because I see you know it's thousands of thousands of thousands thousands of people purchasing dogs and starting up and trying to establish kennels and I want to give out some advice to people that's trying to do that so you if you're going to do it at least do it the right way and I Maggie some tips with that I have the hurricane bloodline American brothers my company is fully affiliated I'm a licensed pet service I'm a professional dog trainer this is what I do for a living Monday through Friday also along with keeping the maintain training of my own personal dogs so you know my background this is what I do for a living it's not a hobby is a complete lifestyle for me I'm training a dog literally seven days a week so with that I want to give some people that come across this video and I hope this video goes viral especially in American building community because this is a breed that I love and I own and I

cherish so let's get to it first things first if you are going to breed you need to start out with dogs from the first dog you get that are that dogs that you are completely happy with dogs that you feel that a great example of the breed not a dog that you feel like you need to analyze or make better it needs to define what you feel is the best representation of the breed temperament wise looks intelligence everything that comes along with that dog so whether you start with a male or you start with a female me personally if you're going to breed I feel like you should start off with a email because if you if you had if you have consistent and nice quality females you'll never go wrong with males but first things first if you're purchasing a dog and you feel like you want to start breeding and get into a kennel make sure you're starting with a dog that you're completely happy with now before you even purchase that dog though I need you to do some research on the blood that is behind that dog what was created what was used to create that dog that you purchased and what was you to create the dogs that are behind those

dogs so that you understand that when you're breeding you're actually breeding the entire pedigree that's how a lot of people get caught up in they're like oh I got this nice dog and we start to this nice dog and you get a litter you like I'm gonna let it don't even look like the parents because you need to understand the full blood behind everything that created the dogs that you like okay now after you get what you want you get the dogs that you like and you start breeding I want you understand don't just start breeding dogs just because you have dogs do something with the dogs that you have first do something with those dogs go out in your community show how great and amazing your dogs are get into showing if you want to show build up a fan base for your dogs that you actually have people that want dogs from you before you breed them so it makes the process of you find a home from your dogs a little bit easier versing like oh I get a dog I can't wait to breed it and you breathe it you got eight puppies and you have no idea what you want to sell these dogs or what they're going to go do something with your dogs burns bill value with

what you have so there are a population of people that like what you're doing to support what you're doing so you know that your dogs are going to good quality homes and with that write down that's a very simple process I don't want to make this video too long but I just want to give some few simple steps as I feel that can help out this American Bully agree with a lot of the things that I don't like saying I just don't like unnecessary breeding and I don't and I see tons and tons of puppies posted for sale and a lot of people end up can't sell a puppies and doing a lot of cones and use the yard and then on the internet people be from with each other because people then didn't follow through with the agreements and look take your time anything that's worth having takes time don't rush to do anything you know and so everything I just recapping what I just said in that video do research on the dogs before you get a dog make sure you're getting a dog that you're absolutely happy with um something that uh that you are gonna really look forward to greeting and doing and

continuing and starting something with you don't want to start you don't want to get something like oh I don't like this you're not fully confident that dog and you feel like oh I need to breathe adjust dog to correct yes and crave you sure you need to correct anything or change anything and the dogs you're breeding you shouldn't be breeding them is it is this breeders been around long enough and it's enough bloodlines a nice dollars that you can use that you don't need you feel you need to fix anything within the breed so on y'all visit my website bullet for the dark come on you know YouTube mr. bully in Philly a lot more videos coming at you Instagram that canine hurricane bloodline and on Facebook facebook.com says really affiliated more videos coming at you but if member with these American bullets man if you're gonna do it do it right les