13 July 2018

American bully Kennels, what most breeder don’t tell you

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this video is for those of you who say

yeah I want to be a breeder which I don't fully understand what it takes to get free to go see this miss we have people bus out of their cage got poop on the ground on your already been kicked out of the cage dumb people bust our poop begin right there right there poop right here poop right there look at the inside of these and this is overnight type of stuff just type your stuff they happen overnight that you wake up to everyone well you got a litter of coders everybody see puppies you think you're sweet look at that right now poop right in say there's somebody who busts up in the positive coop right here everybody want to breathe everybody want to be a breeder though it smell like button here thank God I hit the door closing the window it smell like Vicki's but you ever seen in your life and it is hot sweaty funky it's not like but opinion everybody got to get it bad I just want my movie mogul is just wrong [Music] [Music] dead black change y'all see the color that blanket that dirty Esther this was this was the original cover

y'all see it this is part two what did the case just yet that's what it looked like now everybody want to breathe though it was tired of going to change what you got to do we know to breathe you see this right here that be somebody but what's angled up on the wall my name is Cooper by somebody was jumping on a wall with their little nasty songs that's what that is and I'm not gonna watch the wall and this is not this is not something like this happen like every now and then this is every day when you produce equality dogs stuff like this happen they look like a fool in the glass and they're like I'm not irresponsible this is something that happens every day there's something happen every day that you got to deal with clean up every day let me show y'all something see what a push like this this ain't just no one no white ain't done no you got school scrape you might get some cool buddy your nails and it's this you clean it up Kimmel's like this twice a day now it generally don't get this messy it's kind of a little exaggerated they cut the food really doing all this they cut the food but

it's really not this bad only reason why I got poop like in different places because somebody bust out likes each other what's out right now this is what comes with you some days you will walk back there with you guys and it's gonna smell good you gonna be happy you're gonna smile with those babies you were like thank God you can get on one knee and you like thank God yeah it's not a missing now some days you gonna wake up when you will soon even wake up - in Smith but everybody want to breathe though anybody gotta breathe these bullets these bad boys but nobody want to take care of her nobody want to put it this way we got some Peabody back and we got a Peabody around you look at people hiding back here he was opinion and that see a fun thing about that is that the Pierre is right here that's what a patent and little objective right now but that's where you put PA but you got Peabody's that's like the people like that but everybody gonna breathe now I'm going to show y'all this probably gonna say a lot to you this whole this whole thing right here takes me about 45 minutes to an hour now you

seem you got somebody doing the right thing he came and peed in the right spot but then we got the fools over here they're like the PD in the language class this will take me about 45 minutes 30 minutes to 45 minutes to an hour to clean because not only do I got to do that I got to take all of this out don't worry the way sweep up all the little baby stuff throw it away get up on the coop daughter wink and that's just one part that's just the outside perimeter in the cage and this little bit of pee area and change that out and I when I'm done with that I gotta come in here and throw away this blanket clean off that tarp and then give wipe them down so they will smell like pee and poop them and then coax to be stained yellow so look it's a lot of work and I'm done with that I got a mop the floor but when I separate this cage I got a deal we gonna bustin out of this part because this is no longer connected so I got a rest of them and stay where they need to stay so I can successfully do that either do in a timely fashion but everybody want to breathe them nobody would've cleaned up though this is what you did we everybody

think it's all sweet when you get a puppy not understanding you getting a little dinosaur you getting look a little Tyrannosaurus Rex right now look at you I've seen that look at a pro boxer rapper right there go sit on where you just did that nine come on pick on somebody that's what you deal with when you get a puzzle you get more lots of Raptors money in a pack like this you give velociraptors but when they go home to you they're like little t-rex's now look at this people messing with people somebody eating got few on fences we got people Pete sleeping in the pee area hey you're not supposed to be here that's not where you supposed to be something and he's gonna get that's why you got to wipe them down every day it's just like oh geez you look like a tornado just came up in here I'm show y'all what it look like I'm doing I'll be right back cuz we'll be right back me let's I get all this mess and we finally got everything [Music] [Music] [Laughter]

I think hearing voices him in little risk which we named him ghost we named little boys ghost but this is a you come here Missy but you still got some definitely long heel next people I'm fighting on people while asleep we'll check we take an hour charlie we also it's been about three days since we first put them on a diet with the raw mix with the the kill or whatever and this is what they look like now as you can see they got a lot bigger and those two days I think it was two days everybody's eating now my to Omashu but as you can see they got a lot bigger [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so in a couple of days on the phone he's available behind she's available Oh [Music] [Music] making the camera don't sit down somewhere sign quit big boy come here

Levin close with this is big boy I'll bring the camera back is heating guys Toby he's huge