03 February 2011


Angus is my one year old male boxer with scratches in his ears. His ears are inflamed and tender to touch from his scratching and digging in them. He has been ...

all over it so he's smelling and looking

right away this is rose otto and he sees he's deep into it like he's just going after hey butts Oh checking she was Jensen ok so this will go with no roly next everybody thanks Mon sweet honey check this one you just looked piece of crumbs off the floors what no roly and see he's not he's not coming into it he's kind of backing off it so it's not something that he's uh he's no dangers he's not interested quite like he was with the rose yep I mean with their olfactory system it's developed to a sense that I mean he is smelling that as he is right here now but this would be classified as a zero interest or no interest in the neural okay so in the early is what you saw even though I was not news for him prisoner no I am going to pull out a big done here I'm going to pull it the garlic and the garlic of course is good for all kinds of infections whether it be scratches bites that sort of things we'll see what he does see now he is he's checking it all there again we got the mouthing so with his ears being inflamed this is a good indication that he's got needing a boost of his immune system but there again he's not displaying quite the excitement

like he did with the Rose alone and again but he keeps coming back he keeps coming back to smell it he takes a break lots of mouthing lots of licking he's not leaving it didn't know it is circling around it same thing keeps looking for a ghost here but and the idea is is you know we leave them in an open space like this so that they can go around then and do what they want to do they can in here you see him going deep into thought now he's distracted but he comes back again yeah stops he looks listens yeah back again and this is with the garlic and this is I mean this is full-on garlic it's not a it's like taking your household garlic crushing it and shoving it up your nose is what it's like now the licking is also a displaying of a good thing that one thing for our positive reinforcement the grooming of their front legs it's a soothing so with the inflammation that he has in his scratches for his years this is you know what the garlic oil it can't have you used for boosting immune system yeah wait no this is sick thank you good boy Joyce you guys what let me be gentle see other inflamed moves ratchet up yep so

he's been digging in them the other side is not as bad it's healed up so what I'm looking at doing is I'm testing him to see which ones i can put Whiteman I can put into his appointment or south years to heal up and help him with this scratching an itchy okay yeah and they're quite hot and then playing them and fever he did well not only watch we're going to test him on tea tree which is well known as an antiviral aunt the infection as well okay so he sniffed if he's thinking coming back again cats distracted like that yeah there's an interest that you can see there's not half as much an interest as what there was with the tea tree or the rose so this is like yeah okay it works but you know it's not the key 1 i'll just do a test here i have lavender dim which is a lavender oil hi beretta so there again there's an interest but it's not not in the other ones were mrs. Roman chamomile ear detested German chamomile he loved he loved the German chamomile the Roman he's you know he's got a good reaction to it kind of snorts and stops but so by no means should i classify it as the same as the journey because he's going

on ok the other thing we're watching for is the pecos now and decides to settle down and lay down everybody check out the like that yeah come see see what mum's got so what I have here is just a base stop and it's infused oh ho hahaha we go again that's a positive yeah it's an infused oil sound that I've done and as you can see it's a good one it's block popular buds and flu infused in olive oil calendula st. John's wort rose hip seed oil coconut all of sweet almond and grapeseed oil and he's liking this so this ain't Minh twas done basically as a base for my animal appointments and products so that I can put the essential oils in and then apply it to worms and scratches so with the balm of Gilead or the black poplar buds it's an extremely healing antiviral antibacterial anti-inflammatory and he is just lovable loves it's a bit and trust me this is you know it's not something that tastes good it is a it is a bitter tasting thing but he knows it's good for yes animals will self medicate they'll only take what they need oh they won't take more so this is something that he's looking for okay it's not something that

tastes good so we're going to eat it and the fact that he's a one year old boxer puppy has nothing to do with it he's not eating it because yeah I'd Mia so he's gone through probably about an ounce of sad right now that he's eaten so with this excellent reaction to the ointment that i have here it is certainly something that i will mix the rose and the German chamomile and the garlic into and applied to his ears to help him with his itch and scratch coupons yeah would you give him an intended us using those same essential oils and that let him liquid as well I can what we'll do here as well just do a little test so i'll put the ointment that we know that he's taken if and i will in the past when I've used rose oil on myself up just as you know as a perfume or as a picnic for my own personal uses he has come and lick the oil off of my skin so what we'll do is we'll put a drop of two drops of garlic oh yeah okay so lease is more hesitant about it with the garlic isn't yeah yeah I was trying it means slower yeah so topical application more than internal yes absolutely and with the rose it's more deemed as an emotional oil as

opposed to an actual physical issue so the fact that he's really attracted to the rose oil is obvious that there's emotional issues there which I knew as a puppy of course leaving his family because he had came from a litter of nine fox and you know it's a lot of trauma leaving mom and leading everybody else if plus there was a little four-year-old boy that he absolutely adored you loved so I mean leaving his family coming to us it you know it's been different for him who yeah so he's got things that he's he's got up once if he still remembers and constancy so we'll just go back to the straights app and there again and that's a windy and that's a winner we just doesn't what we lose his fiddle you know okay so what I would do in this scenario is i would put two boat a tablespoon of the South what I'll do for him for treatment for his ears is I'll mix them up put it just in a little jar so I have it and I'll offer him the Rose just to smell if straight out of the bottle and the garlic I'm going to put a drop of garlic into the ointment and I'll put that on his and I'll apply that until I'll test him move within two days time but again with

the garlic to see if he's still reacting as strongly with it if he is then I'll just continue with the garlic in the oil in the in the south if he's rejecting the garlic than what I'll do is I'll just pitch that stuff that has the garlic oil in it and just go back to using the ointment on him as in the appointment because with the ointment that I've done here the black poplar is also known as balm of Gilead it has the properties in our black poplar are great for like audacity hey what's up as he does are great you let's put something here are great for anti-inflammatory infections itching pain you can take the black poplar he's I know honey it hurts come he can lick most end when it's finished it and they're really good for nicks and cuts and scrapes and such so we'll just moisturize these and he doesn't have an infection per se I mean he hasn't been that checked to see if he has an infection in his ears but I know that with you know boxers and dogs of this breed type that it is quite common for them to get ear infections and things like that but he doesn't have the deep dark gooey matter or drainage to discharge coming from his ears his ears

are not dirty they're clean pretty much all the way down just do it yeah they're just irritated on the outside here so now whether there's something that's been kind of irritating him a little bit or the fact that we've had you know such cold weather with you know minus 30 anywhere from minus 22-30 whether this could just even be a little bit of frostbite that's react with him medium ups when he goes out listen yes he does and you know they're quite as you can see he's not happy about me playing with them they're tender this one's not quite as bad as the other one that one's quite inflamed and sore yet and I mean even in behind here you can see where he's been scratching but not have his years I got you baby so he's been digging on his years so there is you know he does have something happening here so we need to to get it lift up let's see this one yeah no you're not scratching on this one what's all that hey the locals we got the rule all over the place good now don't you yeah okay so you went somewhere what's more rows what smiling again yeah see he's backed off that now so with the emotional oils

we cannot offer them in the evening like this yep before they settle down for the night same thing with the horses when we're dealing with emotional issues traumas past abuse or even with mares that have lost their foals either in utero or even having fold and then the four winds up dying due to complications or something like that we see a great loss and they usually attempt to attract to the emotional oils like the early inroads and such so we offer the emotional oils in the evening we offer the healing or the therapeutic oils in the morning so with him reacting the way he is he may very well have a stronger reaction to the garlic tomorrow morning when we check him as opposed to tonight and with that said he also may not want anything to do with the garlic in the morning he may have gotten another co had their see he's rubbing himself now getting them working to get the oil sauce there must be a little bit of a oil coating within the year that's uncomfortable yeah good so and he'll just you know he's settling down after he finishes trying to rope everything but it's certainly more he's looking for a ingestion of the product as opposed to

he isn't oils we see much your fantasy with this we've got the ball Billy on we have st. John's wort rose hip seed oil and then of course the carrier oils of coconut sweet almond and grape seeds our big guns in here are the rosehip seed oil which are anti inflammatories scar tissue the st. John work there again and the balm of Gilead lincoln tech mega straight sixes in young kalindia so I mean everything's working excellent to deal with help so so we'll check them again in the morning and poof