16 June 2017

Animal Abuse Video

Mercy for Animals on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mercyforanimals An animal welfare group in BC captured scenes of disturbing animal abuse at a ...

this is dr. Andrew Jones in this edition

of attorney Caesars I'm going to be discussing the disturbing chicken abuse video [Music] hello everyone welcome back to my channel for those of you who are new welcome today's video is definitely a disturbing topic and what had come about is recently in the area where I live in British Columbia Canada there was a video released where there is a group called Mercy for Animals an animal rights organization we would put cameras on an employee and we're actually recording what was happening with chickens that were being caught in a farm a big chicken farm and then Lower Mainland so just one of the suburbs of Vancouver so not super far from where I live this all happens either these are factory farm chickens and you know these big closed in warehouses you know no outside no one from the outside can see what's going on in there and in part it's sort of shed a light on what's really going on within the whole chicken industry but in particular I mean this is just so so disturbing so I'm just gonna show you some small clips that they release from this video you know

just be warned there's some pretty graphic stuff and then I want to go ahead and go ahead and talk a little bit about it [Music] [Music] [Music] first mmm super disturbing I'm like just to watch those mean I mean I find it difficult to watch as probably you do as well - looks like some of those individuals are going to be charged in in BC now we have some pretty strong fines that could be levied against these individuals up to $75,000 fines and up to five years in jail for animal punishment or animal cruelty so and hopefully that happened and did they deserve that rightfully so do they ever and I mean I don't know what's gonna be the outcome of this case if they're gonna be charged and you know what actual fines and if they're actually gonna get any jail time but I hope they do and definitely I'll keep you informed you know as to what happens the second this just shell sheds a light on you know what's happening within the whole factory farming world and in particular within the chicken industry

now these saying it to the animal the single biggest farmed animal worldwide there's over thirty billion chickens being raised and I'm with that many slaughtered every year you know varying degrees of regulation it's really done any sort of you know these big huge factories these big closed walls no one gets to really see what's going on and you can sort of see the type of people you might be attracted to that I mean pretty low-paying pretty callous people they could you know they could care less never mind the fact we're still allowing you know hundreds of millions of chickens to be raised in these tiny confined spaces with you know less than adequate ventilation virtually no space you know being fed a diet that's not really appropriate for them and it's all about you know either getting them to gain weight getting them to produce more eggs you know in the fastest period of time we're not really concerned about their welfare we're not really concerned about their health it's all about production you know how can we get you know the most eggs that most meat in the shortest period time that's gonna cost us two less yeah

and mass-produce this produce more and more and more in a big factory way chickens are brainy mean they're pretty thoughtful inquisitive animals I don't know if you spend any time around chickens but they're not yeah they're really interesting animals and they don't deserve to have hundreds of millions billions of chickens being factory farmed I mean it is all for the to supply you know our you know seven million people and so many of us that are still eating meat we're wanting to eat like cheap meat so next time you're going to a grocery store and you see like there's that super cheap chicken there's a reason why it's cheap it's if it is because it's being factory farmed and they're being factory produced and that's all about volume and it's all about increasing profit and margins it's not about the welfare of those animals you know I'm guilty as the rest in terms of you know trying to save some money and gern off all by that cheap stuff but especially for watching this video definitely making me think twice making more of an effort of I mean as I'm still on a mediator buying chicken that's at least ethically raised so the you know

they they are free-range they've had a bit of a quality of life as opposed to just being raised in a factory and with all our animals and especially a farm animal so that a raised period I mean I I just want all of you you know including myself to really be thinking about know where is this egg coming from you know where is this where is that how is this animal have been raised how they've been treated to get there and when you're making that purchase yeah just be much more thoughtful around being a consumer and you know really thinking about the animals in that way and I know like most of the world if they could see that connection I mean here's these chickens being abused in this horrible way and you know here's this cheap meat they probably stop be getting it they sure wouldn't buy it and you guys for watching this video yeah that he was definitely disturbing to see those scenes and I really do hope those those people are punished appropriately so they're given a maximum fine there they're going to jail and there's a real strong message sent and secondly I hope do you do some reflecting yourself as well I

around you know how we're raising animals in the first place and the choices that we're making and how we can affect that