13 March 2019

Animal Care

oh my gosh okay so I have to say

something I have to say something wanted to say is that funny vlogs and animal care so Joseph channels now now you might see some better choice but here you know what go search for books or animal care or both go to like the filter thing the to video the thing was unclick channels or press channels or just suck channels now you're not really gonna see hers at first but if you just keep scrolling down you'll see animal or bunny now with one of them I believe I don't know I believe one of them is with her and a cat on the side so you may not see like and I just want to say that it's a beginner channel and and my my opinion it's doing pretty good for a beginner channel and I can't really see anything know what because I she's like where's your scrap reached I know not a lot but I feel pretty good she has like 200 something something days I think which is a lot for again channel I just think she's doing really good because yeah I just wanted to say that my opinion those two channels are pretty good and I think you should go check her out because yes my channel was

I'm Polly McCain my channel to a different channel for something we're gonna do in the future probably gonna keep these older videos anyways and just kind of put them in like a playlist of like my old videos but don't shoot my doctor mark but as I was saying before I found out my dog was eating a marker she's gonna get a ticket but I just want to say that then to channel that you should check them out I think you should because you can get the mic because I just think you should go check them out because I think that if more people knew about it then hi I think that is you okay so I think that if you would just go check them out you didn't have to subscribe you didn't have to like anything I think you should tell just my opinion but I think that if you just go check it out subscribe and I may be worth looking for videos liked and I think that would help her a lot because I just don't know I just think that she's an amazing channel and that okay so I'm trying to say is that you should go check it out buddy bugs and animal care those two channels for the game especially or I think that you guys you guys I mean

whoever somehow stumble upon this and like videos I'm just to watch just a few I just think you might like