08 April 2011

Animal Services A2Z

A look inside the Plano Animal Services department of the City of Plano. Part of PTN's Plano A2Z series.

905 is tonight from the shelter 1076 the

hassle court it's just a bat on a sidewalk and you know doesn't sound very dangerous but I mean it's one of the five high-risk rabies animals in the state so I mean as far as rabies control is concerned that's that's top priority I've been fortunate enough to come to the city of plano and and work here and initially it was definitely the love for animals in this line of work you get to experience different wildlife domesticated animals but also working with the people of the city is really a blessing I mean you can definitely at the end of the day you feel like you you may have made at least a small difference and you know just taking this little guy for possible rehab and been able to release healthy wildlife and take care of animals that are sick or injured it's just I feel good at the end of the day most days to be able to do this job and I really enjoy working for city of plano what we do is important because we're really here to protect public safety our main job goals are to protect the citizens but then we also have to protect the animals as well and you know people get bitten every year about by animals and we're the ones that

take care of those types of situations they're always going to be accidents that happens where pets are going to be out running loose and we get them picked up so that they're not going to be putting a situation where they can independence be injured themselves because being out on the streets is a very dangerous place for an animal to be if she can I don't want it to run out to 14 sometimes when you have a dog that's fearful like this and its first instinct is to run if it's running towards busy areas sometimes the best thing to do is to you know you don't want a dog to run out in traffic and get hit so sometimes it's best to just stop don't pursue it anymore so it won't go out into traffic and just come back later and hopefully you'll be in a better situation where maybe you can get it so I don't know we're going to keep looking but we'll see every day 365 days a year our officers are on duty taking care of the animals and our shelter cleaning up after them giving them medications you know I'm providing for the ones that are homeless here in our shelter with the number of animals that live in plano which there are

estimates that say there's anywhere up to 140,000 or so pets that live in plano plus the amount of wildlife that we have here there would be a tremendous number of problems and issues that you know without animal services there would really be no one here to address them apparently a dog at least in some form or fashion attacked the squirrel and it's potentially injured okay I see it I've been bitten by before with the gloves on it it hurts easy easy does it I know you're hurt I know I know you're hurt I know any wildlife species that we happen to pick up if they're in a state where they they could benefit with some rehabilitation the place where we usually take them to the outdoor learning center on the east side of plano the majority of the time I mean we we get a lot of thanks from from the residence most people are very very appreciative of what we do yeah the connection that we have with the citizens is definitely a good one this is interesting maybe you're not releasable maybe you're not a lot of people count on us when it comes to health related concerns with animals

protecting the citizens is priority number one