11 October 2018

Animal Welfare Regulations for daycare need URGENT review before our licences are up for renewal.

This video clip shows why the current new daycare regulations make NO sense! And are not conducive to Animal Welfare. It only highlights SOME of the ...

bezel at the end he's mine

max the spaniel here is a daycare dog three times a week excellent recall and he needs off-lead exercise Colin he's the Pug a daycare dog Wilma is actually boarding that is normally a daycare dog and then I have mango who's a walking dogs who I pick up and drop off back to his home under the new regulations every single dog here will have to be Lida DUP apart from bang Jo and Wilma because Wilma's a boarding dog banjo is a walking dog even my dog basil will have to be lead lead up as he's counted as a daycare dog even though he stays overnight so anyway again doesn't make sense and I wouldn't be able to walk five because apparently no one can control five dogs on a walk there you go evidence I do not have dogs off a lead that I cannot control I do not have dogs on a lead that I do not control those dogs will not be accepted Hey all these dogs under control and just because a dog is on a lead does not mean you have control of the dog there have been numerous incidences I'm sure if you look it up we're dogs that have been on a lead have attacked so it's nothing to do with whether you're on a lead off the

lead is to do with owners and dog handlers having control okay I'm gonna call all these thoughts in a minute and you can see the level of control I have and I'm always forward thinking always looking ahead I choose my locations carefully so we don't bump into too many dogs as I don't know what the other dogs are like it's nothing to do mine I don't know what the other dogs are like banjo here will bark a new dog won't do anything just bark so if there's a new dog coming the banjo goes on a lead you know common sense well so I've just gone up a hill so that's one of the issues the Willmar is allowed off the lead at the moment under the new regulations because she's a boarding dog but hang on when her owners come back from holiday she'll go back to being a daycare dog I have to put on a lead I mean what who's designed these and apparently daycare dogs have to have 9 square meters of space per dog why when they've got a whole woodland to run around in why do they need 9 square meters of space in my home her dog and why does a Great Dane or a German Shepherd for example need the same amount of space within the Chihuahua you

know for Great Danes in a house take up more space than for chihuahuas you know there's another thing that doesn't make sense and secondly apparently in daycare regulations and boarding regulations you have old dogs need to have to be separated into one room if need be what situation have they thought up where every single dog will need to be separated what underworld circumstance I can't think of one if one dog has to be separated because they big might have unexpectedly become aggressive or showing signs and symptoms of an infectious disease or illness I can understand that why one dog will need to be separated but why all all of them and if I did have a dog that had problem behavior that dog wouldn't be accepted into my home daycare environment cuz it wouldn't be suitable very selectively because you know it wouldn't work you know so and I don't want my dog getting stressed out and I don't want the other dogs getting stressed out and all these owners that want their dogs to go into home from home setups they're already licensed by the way they're not doing anything wrong these are very these are

good people without good standards okay that follow the law they won't be able to operate so the dog owners that still need doggy daycare that can't take their dogs to kennels or larger daycare centers because it stretches a lot of dogs out they'll be forced to use unlicensed ones or leave their dogs alone all day how's that conducive to animal welfare Mr Gove