11 February 2019

Anime Bunny Girl Takes Care of You [ASMR?]

Hi there! My name is Usagi Dotto. I'm a little shy but I was told that I could do this if I tried my best! Not sure how I'll do, but whenever I upload, I'll do my best to ...


and training to do things like old boy donate your blanket save it keep your body or nothing to be scared I'm going to harm you quite the opposite really what are these you see my anyway come here see what did you miss now still looks like you've been met with a terrible fate let me or at least you would have if I didn't come around and save you I mean the forest isn't something very pleasant considering all the dangers outside just imagine if you eaten by bears you hate people to your flesh dis choking don't worry had to please yeah probably you know there's still pretty bad then hitting them if you move so carelessly you're gonna open up the stitches and this with some time already very good at it but I'm trying my best I mean you have to understand everything you have to make this all sand that you go a nice looking see it's quite pretty right this mark on your wrist you look very pretty and absolutely the most disgusting thing I've ever seen just touching it makes my hair it feels like sadness I'll be finished making you look presentable to your family and your

friends I'm gonna be keeping you here got it no deep well then take care of this one up tell me how do you think you were doing the force for the knife normally humans that come with a sharp object it's not the chopped up button years and harness into super coats but you know what place yourself why it must be extremely stupid to think the ponies are attracted to play didn't ruin it at school bunnies are happier boys to run away from what hmm you're lucky that PG&E oh and Jack why Simon huh that's red isn't helping you these fingers they accidental stitching it burn so don't worry buddy quickly yeah and we just need to clean this up and get rest more hey don't can you like that we do anything never said abundant before bunny boy is it and I know it could look different from the others but it's in a reason to mistreat me I didn't care of you after all thank you anyway let me finish this [Music]