26 October 2018

Are You Ready For A Dog!?!

Hey Guys!!! I am sooo excited to be doing my first ever premiere! This video is all about asking the age old question: Am I ready for a dog? Watch as I give you ...


Kailas rainbow thank you so much for being here I recently just hit 390 subscribers which is amazing so thank you so much for that and I would also like to say thank you for coming this week and I appreciate you guys my hands been so full with my homeschooling right now but I am definitely made sure I've made time for you guys and I am posting every single Friday so make sure to check in every Friday to watch a new video and I'm super excited to be doing this I love dogs and I feel like lots of people are always wondering if they're ready for your dog so I feel like this is a very good video to get out you know and then I also want to say make sure to comment and let me know what type of dog breeds you have just because I'm curious can I have a Chihuahua and like I'm just curious to know what other people have and then I'm also curious to know like what you're looking into like what type of dog are you into and what type of dog you want to get in your future so yeah comment about that and as always make sure to subscribe and like because I wouldn't be at 390 subscribers you guys and make sure you click the bells to get notifications every week and make sure

like so I know you like my content so yeah yes that's it so without further ado let's go ahead and get started so one of the most common questions somebody asks themselves whenever they're looking into dogs are they ready for your dog and I feel like that's a hard question to answer because there's so many different like parts of owning a dog you have to feed it you have to walk it you have to train it you have to love it you have to give it attention and I feel like going through all those is so hard just think about especially whenever like you have friends have dogs and it seems like their dog doesn't bark and it's so easy well the reason is because they trained it but I mean are you ready can you train it do you have what it takes you know so the first question I'd like to ask is are you sure you're a dog person you might be a cat person and the reason why I'm asking this is cuz cats are a lot easier to take care of and don't quote me on that I'm just saying within my own experience and the reason for that is because a cat you don't really have to Train I mean you have to training to use the litter

box other than that that's pretty much it and then you have to feed it but I feel like with a dog you have to like walk it and you have to feed it and gotta train it to like sit and to stay and you gotta train it to not use the bathroom in the house cuz like that could take so long I'd alone teaching a dog potty training a dog can take like a year our chihuahua took like a unified during my parents were still upset like we tried so hard she just couldn't get like a cat our cats learn how to potty train like two weeks and then you have to like change out the litter box which I know is a pain they can stink of your house but I feel like you have to clean up they are like with dog turds everywhere so I feel like that's like equally as hard so I mean it's up to you in my opinion taking care of a dog is a lot harder so make sure you're a dog person you're not a cat person because it might be easier for you to get a cat the moment than a dog it's like something to think about the second thing to think about is do you have an animal that lives in a cage or an aquarium or like an animal that lives in a box in your house I know girls they

live um and if so do you take care of it because that may reflect on how you take care of your dog I know for me I really take care of my bunny but I really do take care of my dog so it might not but that's also something to think about if you don't take care of your hamster or your guinea pig that you might not be able to take care of a dog so that's definitely something to think about and just put in your brain and to think over for a while the third thought I'd like for you to think about is about your future are you currently maybe you are currently right now able to get a dog gonna be a perfect fit for you but maybe in your near future you're gonna be going to college or you're gonna be going or you're gonna be moving or you're gonna be having children these are all things you need to be thinking about because moving like with a puppy might cause you distractions that you won't be giving the dog what it needs as a puppy to train it and then if you're going to college and you're probably gonna be leaving your puppy with your parents or maybe you're gonna have a house and it's gonna be hard to deal

with the expenses of getting a new house and a new dog so those are things to think about and then if you're having a possible children in the future that's something to think about because if you are then that's great just make sure you get a dog that's known for being good with babies or small children because or older children if you're dropping and the reason with that being is because if you get a pitbull they're known for not being child friendly they're known for baby protective [Music] that and make sure you're doing getting the right dog for the right task or for your near future the fourth and final question I'm going to be asking you is do you have the time can you make time out of your day to go and take care of this living breathing animal that has feelings and the reason for that why I'm asking is cuz maybe you go to work but maybe you have like children at home that are gonna play with it or maybe you have a wife or a husband that stays at home or a girlfriend boyfriend whatever maybe you have someone that you can stay at home and take care of this dog all

day if that does happen you come home from work you probably won't be the dog's best friend just let you know and if you don't care it that's fine I'm just letting you know so that you're not like haha this dog doesn't like me it's because the other person's saying we're time with it and it might be interacting with the morn but creates a stronger bond and then if you're going to work you don't have anyone at home what your dog gonna do you need to make sure your dog at least has a bone to chew on or is occupied maybe like just from the TV so his noises so it's not paranoid listening outside but I feel like when it's a puppy it's extremely important to be there for it once it becomes an adult though I feel like you could definitely leave it for like a few hours like to go to the grocery store or to go to work you know but as the puppy you really need to be there for it and make sure that it feels loved and grows up to be a happy healthy dog because if you're not there for it's just gonna get angry and all that pent-up anger it's just gonna lead to a lot of stress you don't want to have the stress down dog so they don't want to learn they don't

want to eat and they tend to become very unhealthy Oh physically and mentally so make sure you have the time for your dog and with time for your dog also includes training it a puppy or a dog you got from like a shelter needs a lot of training you need a potty trainer you need to give them simple trainings like no barking because people who have barking dogs it tends to be because they never fully trained them or felt bad whenever they had to train them you can't feel bad whenever your dog is misbehaving that's not hurting or harming the dog it's just making them afraid or pain in the moment it's like instant pain like when you have children and they misbehave you gotta let them real quick a dog if you yelling it know it's gonna know right away did something wrong and it's not gonna want to do that again so you need to train your dog it takes time oh maybe you'll go and you'll buy a trainer so make sure you have the money the expenses for your dog because the dog is a high expense you have to buy potty pads but if it's a little puppy and you're training it pee pads to help you have to buy training sometimes if you don't want a hand if you don't

want to train it yourself because you have a busy schedule you have to feed it every day you have to give it water you know have to make sure you're there for it and getting it lots of love because the dog without love won't return love to you matter how hard you try so it's pretty much a about my questions so if you are looking into a specific dog you're not sure which one you want yet I suggest you do some research like heavy research and find out what you need because like if you're allergic to dogs you can that doesn't mean you can't get a dog that doesn't like take it out that just means you need a dog that's non allergenic so like a poultice would be a really good dog for an older couple or either somebody who's allergic to malteses but they are prone to barking so you have to make sure you do teach them not to bark if you live on a farm or like a rural rural area you're gonna be wanting to look into an English Springer Spaniel because those guys love to have lots of exercise and the room to exercise that might be one you're interested in black coat black coated retriever maybe you are a family of teenagers looking into

get a dog a flat-coated retriever would be a really good dog to get you just really needed to research because like you could be a team just like me that lives with their parents and you're looking into a dog a type of dog that would be great for you would probably be with it or a terrier of some and I feel like you could only really learn the breeds you like in the breeds that are good for your family and the place you are in right now and for your future by going ahead and researching and I feel like that's the only way you'll truly get a dog that fits your needs because there are so many dog breeds and I feel like if you just go to the pound or the store you just pick the first dog you see when that dog gets older when that puppy your dog gets older and starts to live with you they might be different and not behave the way we want them to behave like if you get a dog that's super energetic and you live in a small area you live in like a city you're a city dweller then that dog is gonna start tearing stuff up and running through the house and always being depressed and sad because it's not getting the attention and the things

that means as the dog certain dogs need certain things just like malteses need training a retriever like a golden retriever we need exercise so you would make sure you would go through and you would see exactly what dog it's your needs as always of course I am going to be supporting getting a pound puppy just because I feel like they need you they need your help there's so many dogs and pounds and I feel like the only difference between a pound dog and a purebred dog is their Styles if you want a dog that looks really good get up you're a red dog I get it it doesn't always happen like maybe you thought about getting a pound puppy but the one time you went to like the store down the street you ended up finding the perfect dog for you and that happens sometimes the dog picks you so it's really up to you guys exactly how you find your dog what dog you want if you should get a dog at all I definitely go through and think about the questions I asked you earlier and I hope that you guys do lots of research and you find the perfect puppy for you and thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys next Friday because

I'm making videos every Friday now so yeah I guess that's pretty much it so I hope you guys have a great day good luck puppy finding [Music]