30 September 2016

Arkansas Rep John Walker Arrested For Filming The Police

Arkansas state senator and civil rights lawyer, Rep. John Walker, was arrested on Sept. 26th while filming the police in Little Rock Arkansas, along with attorney ...

mr. Walker what is your concern today

okay I don't have to eat anything else but I'm being polite just engage in your conversation but I don't eat in a group but I'm not I'm here just observe I just happen to be by the way up durapan policemen and hands resting a few black boys again use the loo Philippe's Walter Brydges fan book and they've arrested me to just watch it I'm not gonna get total right to do you do you understand the circumstance in the bar I don't know I just want to see if the five cops would have been well actually what up cops 1 min what's going on is hope the young officers that you see over there are in training there's only four of us if you if you count us there's only well there were cut no there's only been four mostly the local comedian help me in this officer training there in training so we write double that's been over there just be two of it now in this particular stop this gentleman was pulled over because he doesn't have tags on his part okay so a quick check to see why as tag discard led to a warrant that he has for his arrest that's why he's in that car it could treated with nothing but respect well I mean if you read the traffic laws that's

an emergency beer but it so it's allowed to park like I'm not saying that but in put your lawyer here so you probably knew that already understand it but all I'm saying is it's not a real big deal what an imperial vehicle there's there's no is every ten do contain multiple people black men cannot get because there have been too many killing 12 Street the killings oh nice - afternoon mr. Walker have you ever been a police officer it doesn't matter no it doesn't matter I've been a lawyer you can you can ask a question I'll do the until you walk until you why Holly shoes any police officer you have no idea what goes on I know you don't need your than happy works and it goes ahead and hear us exploit this to work it causes chaos and nothing like nothing like that but you just trying to hear your race baiters what you are okay whatever I'm just telling you like it is mr. Walker how did he feel I cannot be erased like how did you perpetuate the situation Odom you trying to you try to try to catch officers on that organ and they're not having any now you know when you - nothing I'm not you're the one that's

out here trying to promote notice officers it's not going to happen angry whatever the people you shut they're filming then Matthew 10 is it's not the first time you've done that you've done this you've done this ever since I've been down here I started 94 you've been doing this since ever since this past alone okay one low that I passed and the legislation was that we could record it I don't care your record but you're doing it as a vocal chemical vote but they're coming to lace Bader sir let me ask you I didn't ask you I wouldn't invite you over here but you know to stop today and video had this been a young white male I don't know that's right cause all I knew was that I stopped and all I needed to hear that's all I need that's all I needed to hear we're all here - you're here cos troubles you you are welcome to sit here and feel more you want to dogs we're haulers ago was the neighbor on all the days not necessary so you write some person out of the car look okay and you can say look her or you did know whatever you hide it's a simple fact you can if you can't look through a window and with a darkened window and see who

who is in the big this is Anton it's a 50-50 chop Bowie does it anything all you do is try to provoke people okay that's how ddrt did she gave us a call we'll be there always if you need help cause we'll help we'll be there anytime you need our help over there oh my gosh this is the thing range although they're like this in the wake of all this going on I'm sure you know people have their own opinions on what No hey that one's empty do Oh are you put your name is rats pushy first name okay Jane okay are you training did you want to happen where the cameras where where the cameras before they weren't they weren't always off the cameras off we don't have to about Jason oh nice you want him it back there I think he put him back there with him I must walk this way don't think of this man what a blobby secure he's also a lawyer here

he's beating in the keys beating the car do you not selling beating the old ones I want that microphone here I'll come mr. Waldo we don't have to have miss all yes sir I do you know you've been doing this long enough you know you don't walk up and off traffic sounds not in a walking in offices twelve credits that will walk across the street now standing on the side belt sir I was standing there I am NOT disappearing the governmental so we are going to training but I understand you no that is not true are y'all here to do our stop no you're fine I'm officer department look awfully you catch the devil - all right habeas corpus he'll be working the boat oh no oh they're recording I'm over here on the side while we're doing it him and the other garnet and it decided to walk over right in the middle of the cars and they're like don't come over here here and feeding in our operation move away I'm not impeding and then this guy said he got a right to be care of it check over there back up back over there okay no you don't you got a right to go over there because you're in the middle

of my traffic stops if you want any use if you want to pee but I repeat will you'll go to jail I'm not playing go back over that time lady where you been telling me one more time back on that side you're obstructing justice go back over there where you are at one before you can do whatever you want to over there okay turn around put your hands behind your back I don't have time for this sir I've asked you several times to leave my traffic stop anything on you that's going to hurt her stick you have ID on you today do you have idea on me today is that a yes or no okay all right you can do that I'm putting all your stuff back in your pocket forty-three East are nearly unit our location everything cynical can't forget lilies I got new to unit guess you are being arrested for obstruction anything you get shirt pocket today hey that one's in for Jim how do you say last name certainly my teammates are that anymore question no no no you can even refuse to answer my

question but I can add see yes I did no I don't you have the right to remain silent that means you don't you have the right not to answer my question but it doesn't mean I don't have the right to ask you I'm going to need you to remain off your phone please Officer Robert you