05 December 2018

Ashlee's Ark - Pet Concierge in Argyle, TX

Today I'm answering the question, What's the deal with local Pet Sitters in the Argyle area? Ashlee's Ark provides Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, and ...

welcome to what's the deal Wednesday I'm

Stephanie Wilson the Argyle insider and today I'm answering the question what's the deal with pet-sitting services in the Argyll area and you know when it comes to our pets they're like our family members and so finding somebody that you trust to watch your pets whenever you're away is crucial and sometimes it's hard to find so I wanted to introduce you to Ashley Horton she recently founded Ashley's Ark and she is a she's a client but also a friend and honestly I can't imagine anybody better to care for your animals that I would trust more than this lady right here Thank You Duchess Jolie Navarre go oh my gosh yeah she's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel holiness she's about five months old right now so she's a little bit eager Ashley's Ark is a professional full-time pet sitting business and our bow has been lucky enough to have a couple of great pet sitters they're still here they're available but I discovered through my years of living in Argyll and my time being here while I was working a different job that they don't go west of 377 we have all this growth we've got harvest we've got Canyon Falls we've got Robson ranch and

I couldn't find someone that I could depend on full-time that was going to be there when I made the appointment so about six months ago I decided to make a change of my life and to change my career path started Ashley's Ark I feel like I feel like with this this area is kind of a service desert and so I feel like that that it's a good addition and and very necessary but I've only had animals my entire life horses cows goats I've showed almost everything there was to show including dogs I'm pet CPR certified I worked with veterinarians in the past I am certified by the International we have insurance we have bonding this is what we do okay so you can come to a home you can come to a farm ranch situation yep and care for the animals absolutely so you can do it on a regular weekly basis or when they travel absolutely we have clients that work long hours they commute to Dallas they commute to Fort Worth or maybe they just want to stop in and then evening and and have dinner with some friends or they want to go out with some colleagues and they don't want to rush home they don't want their babies being left up right we have midday breaks we have

sitting services while you're on vacation we can handle large farms large ranches all the way down to two goldfish okay whatever anybody needs and then I have their Facebook page here so you can get in touch I'm so glad that you're doing this this is such a relaxing job of it I love it it's amazing I love it it works out perfectly I get to know people I get to know what their pets really and the pets or what I'm going there for we also do dog walking we also have pet taxi services so if your dog wants do you need to go to daycare puppy daycare you need them dropped off at the veterinarian no reason to wait around till the weekend we can handle it okay we we offer there we have overnights if you need someone to stay with your if your pet at night they don't like to be alone we offer overnight so we're really a complete and customizable care package yes that's a cool pet concierge oh absolutely it will come wait with your dog at the groomer we'll take them to the groomer yeah your horseshoes come in and you need to be at work I'll come wait with your horse sure whatever you need we can do okay well

good to know and as always if you have questions about the Argyll area or about local real estate please don't hesitate to give me a shout I'd love to help be a resource for you thank you so much that is your uh what's the deal Wednesday I'll see you next week bye