11 October 2018

Ashley Benson FaceTimes Her Dogs And Explains How They Ease Her Anxiety | My Pet Tale | TODAY

In the second episode of β€œMy Pet Tale,” where celebrities share how their pets have shaped their lives, Benson FaceTimes her sweet pups and explains how her ...

my dogs have made my life better in so

many ways I think they know when I'm upset or sad and they just come and snuggle me and you kisses and then the morning they wake me up and I get ready for my day and it just makes the whole day go smooth hi I'm Ashley Benson and this is my pet tale so I have two dogs Alden Walter olive is a Shih Tzu Maltese mix she's nine years old and then Walter is of Brussels Griffon who is four years old with all of I saw her and I picked her up and I like looked at her face and let me put her down and she does this thing where she lies flat like Superman it's really insane the second she did that I was like okay I'm getting her 100% and with Walter I yeah I saw him I met his mom and dad which was the sweetest thing his little brothers and sisters yeah I think it's just for the moment that you picked them up and like you pulled them right down in there I was just like these are my children I'm like the weird mom dog he's like my dogs are my kids so all of us just like me she's very she could be hyper but like very calm and chill she doesn't really like to cuddle that much which

makes me so sad Walter is bouncing off the walls 24/7 always kissing and attacking people he always wants to be on top of me or olive he does this cute little thing where all over be sitting down and he sits on top of her as if she's like a chair or a bench and all of just loves it I mean they're inseparable but um Walter is just very very hyper but just the sweetest thing olives kind of like me quiet but then kind of crazy if my dogs could talk I feel like Walter would have some sort of accents I feel like he would talk like an old man he kind of looks like a grumpy old man which is why I fell in love with him Olive would just talk with like I think she died like a little list she has no teeth in the front because she had to get them taken out but yet she would just have like a little Lisp and be very posh and cute I mean I sometimes suffer with severe anxiety and having my dogs by my side has made that so much better just even being able to lay down with them and being close to them and I don't know it's just like a different thing and again they I feel like they know

when I'm upset or feeling anxious and they just come right up to me and they get in my arms and I just like kiss me and play with me and it makes a huge difference and has helped actually a lot with anxiety and it's the worst to leave them gonna have to go for like 16 hours of work hi baby this is what happens when I don't get to see my dogs often and we just FaceTime mister mister I love you this is it this went so hard if I have to work and leave them it just makes me emotional it's giving me kisses dude there was my phone hi Bubbe hi buddies baby Olivia mommy loves you doin treat look at her little nosey I just want to poke it all the time I love you ah I can't he just shot a little commercial too and he's gonna be a star I'm gonna get him an agent be that weird stage mom that I've always wanted to be [Music] [Music]