27 August 2015

Ask the Pet Doctor: Aired 26 August 2015

WBRC Fox 6 News: Good Day Alabama: Dr. Jerome Williams answers viewers' question about pet health.

hey welcome back in if you have

questions about your pet's health the number to call a 74 1927 to dr. Jerome's Williams joins us once again to take your questions good to see this morning good to be here good to be here we you know we're just discussing earlier about dogs right sometimes you might see them and they're allergic or they're not eating right and we know sometimes dogs do they not have emotions can they not go in some sort of a psychological statement whether it's based on a medical problem or something yes they do they can show depressive signs with the loss of a care that caregiver their companion even pain and other things that happen in a home or in their environment they can pick up the emotions of the people and then they can demonstrate some of those symptoms if you're dealing with that should you should you put them in try to get them in a normal routine or try to get them in their old routine so there though maybe pick up some familiarity well first get them to be veterinary to make sure that's not a medical problem they're lying it ok and then if none is identified then you can move toward getting them in an environment that

they're familiar with all right so again if you have questions for dr. Jerome Williams a number to call seven four one nine two seven two were winding down with the summer season but it's you know we know they're going to get some warm some warm days ahead right so the tix and the fleas are still going to be a problem still be a problem is and also we're moving into another allergy season is another type of allergy that we're seeing now we were going to see that our office already oh really yes and what more types about it's normally the kind that from the ragweed from the other grasses the changing in the greenery acid dyes and dries so we're gonna see the respiratory as well as the direct scratching and itching okay then normally how would you treat something like that now you can always try initially at home to give benadryl it's given that one milligram per pound two to three times a day okay that may work to get you over a real short period of outbreak if that doesn't work then go see a veterinarian all right all right so now we do have a caller on the line and Lynn is hanging on for dr. Tyrone Williams Lynn how you doing this morning

I'm doing fine about you doing well what's your question um my dog is 13 years old this is rid of them of the large dog that she's developed cataracts and she seems to be afraid or hesitant to go outside at night with the cataracs be hindering her outside at night yes yes because the cataract have been light from going back to the part of the the eye that really can't see images so she's going to have difficulty in dim light and also going up and down steps of stairways so so many expression yes those are the times we're going to see the problem most now we have three excellent ophthalmologist in town so you might want to get her to see one of those and get or evaluate it she also has an infected fist on one of her her paws so um um that can be addressed if you're speaking of a right between the toes is called an interdigital assist and usually those have to be surgically removed but your doctor can tell you really what's required to get that corrected ok thank you very much I appreciate it all right LAN thank you so much for the call appreciate that we get win it I think we have another caller on the line and if

you'd like to get in a number call seven four one nine two seven two all right we got about 20 seconds to wrap but my dog dealt with the same thing with the cataracts that is just it's just something that's going to happen when they dogs get older ism yes is one of the things that does happen dr. namdev was on with us earlier this month brought her dog on that she had done the cataract surgery on and it's a common surgery now but dolly is long enough and get old enough that's one of the things you probably have to deal with okay and we understand there's a special pin you want to show oh yeah that's my mom she is uh uh where she was she turned on 30 it's all right haha that's a 99th birthday celebration Mama's had some illnesses lately and she is recovering now at sahara at Kristin okay thanks to the excellent care of the people there in document water and her granddaughter us dr. Sonya Pettis so we are so happy for the support that we have gotten in her diagnosis and recovery from this I'm be honest yes well hope she's watching this morning and we wish her a speedy recovery as well dr. Jerome thank you so much thank you