13 August 2019

ASMR walking on shingle beach and talking. Dog's with me too!

This is very relaxing way to spend a few minutes walking along Lepe beach, Hampshire, UK with me at sunrise. Includes geese, the sea, groynes, sea defences, ...

oh we're going to have like a geese oh

it's not turning back no they're not sure but it's all coming so again better way what's Mike da Quan hey be free right from me it tells what he likes so that's looking west towards expert beauty till the rain starting that's the out of white tank and this is looking east I see sunrise and in the distance there is a watch keepers cottage to see hi this cuttlefish this time of year see lots of them actually are a bit late I'm a bit earlier in the year that's my pop Oh family events just something behind those new sea defences that he is really quite keen on is it being an order it's not coffee that's gonna be that's not this puppy named oh that's a milky something it's a bit of a busy time at the geese Airport today I am amazing yeah first batch second batch they're gonna land with their friends right they're all heading over to that now they're going a different direction towards us now I love that V formation that's my dog in the water in the sea uh-oh shouldn't drink it though we're good for dogs is it

still looks lovely over there so they ask you that gap that you can see in the horizon that's how you get out into the big property the channel sister out there at least it's the Solent and that goes onto the feet into the channel the English Channel you want to be an Anglophile or just a channel oh you want to be trim cheek on it let mom see it goes there I can't because I'm trying to fast and here the old boys compared to someone new see differences because as you can see the rosin here is a bit of an issue I have no idea on the stats but all I know is the 10 years that I've lived here this front the Shah has changed a lot seen lots of trees down [Music] and so I think this is very welcome we get ever closer to leap but I minute to be taking a slight detour I'm heading back home there a slightly different path than the main road don't can stay off the lead these lovely hour to hour walks that we do early in the morning before everything gets going really set them down it's not quite so much fun in the deep midwinter and off stinking can't really

come down here all the while I can be here enjoy all of this even that always gonna pull down on them in a minute I'm going to make the most of it there he got that in the nd whoa is he doing how can the DM no Haitian is he listen you sex all right boy I'll post up one from yeah somebody out something what I'll post that one from here too they run this bit of headland so hopefully they'll be some interesting ships in to show you but I should do that one tomorrow so come back tomorrow and see a little bit more of leap