03 December 2018

Austin and Kat CBD Dog Treats and CBD Oil for Pets

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance extracted from the hemp plant that has been shown to be an effective treatment for many ailments. It's also beginning to gain ...

today I am reviewing CBD treats and oil

for pets the treats are made specifically for dogs the oil can be used with dogs and cats which is a great benefit if you have a multi pad home like we do on so I will start with the oil now this is 100 milligrams CBD hemp oil and it is also available in 300 milligram for dogs only the 100 milligram is for dogs and cats which is why I have that this is it comes with a calibrated dropper which I can show you so you're getting just one drop at a time if you can see that because that is how you dose your pet the best way to dose them is orally underneath the tongue you can also put this on food or treats to give them that dose once this is open you have to refrigerate it and it's good for 90 days and this is also high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids it is made with hemp seed oil alaskan salmon oil which is where the omega 3 & 6 come from and CBD extracts which is have derived from the seed and the stalk of the plant now one thing that people confuse sometimes about CBD oil and CBD products for pets and humans is that they think that the THC which is the psychoactive chemical that's in marijuana has in these products and it

is not these are THC free there's absolutely no psychoactive effects from these whatsoever a lot of people ask well and get my pet high it was certainly will not it's basically extracting the oil which gives the medical benefits from the plant and using it in an oil or the treats now these treats are 100% natural no artificial colors flavors no preservatives the treats are they have no bulking agents there is no gluten no dairy no eggs in these so they're vegan they are infused with naturally occurring CBD from the seed and stock of hemp again so basically you know this is just an easier way to give your a treatment of CBD oil and so there's different feeding guidelines based on your dogs a weight which I'll go over in just a second I'm going to show you how our dogs enjoy the treats and also you know the oil how easy it is to administer and we use this just so you know we have a beagle who doesn't like to ride or really travel in general going to the vet anything like that gives her anxiety as well as traveling in the car anything and then we have our Labrador who has severe noise aversion

she was of course it's supposed to be a hunting dog my husband hunts so he shoots out back of our house a lot we have a target practice range out there that scares her she's very scared gunshots thunder fireworks any any kind of loud noises so I've given her CBD treats I've tried other brands as well as Austen and cat and the CBD really does help to calm her it doesn't take the noise fear and the you know the scared Ness I guess away a hundred percent she's still scared but basically before we use CBD with her it was panting pacing she would hide behind our couch she would hide under the table basically she would follow me from room to room in our house and find somewhere to hide in each room all the while panting like crazy to the point where she would leave behind the couch in pants and it would shake the couch because she was panting so heavily and also she would lay in her hiding spot for like two minutes and then she'd get out and pace around and then go back to her hiding spot and get out in peace on she was very very uncomfortable so we looked into a natural treatment we found

CBD we've used this again not a hundred percent but now she pretty much just kind of lays over we have a little bed for her in her crate and she'll lay over in her crate and she'll just kind of hang out in there no panting at all no shaking at all she's certainly definitely nervous about it she likes to be in her kennel and quiet contain space but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be so let me show you how our dogs enjoyed these products so as I mentioned you can get the 100 milligram have oil for dogs and cats or the 300 milligram for just dogs I have all the specifics of how much oil how much sorry hemp oil is actually in each drop and all of that on our website you can click the link below this but I'm just gonna show you really quickly how easy it is to dose so the dosing guidelines on this if your pet weighs less than 15 pounds it's just 0.5 milligrams if it's 15 to 25 pounds one milliliter sorry not milligrams milliliters and 25 to 50 pounds is gonna be one and a half milliliters and as I showed you the dropper has the measurement instructions

right on it you can tell Molly is not opposed to drinking this so I'm going to measure it out for Sadie and she'll just lick it right out of the thing so we're gonna have to bother about putting it under her tongue but if you want to you can just stick it under the tongue and squeeze it under there and whoops you can tell that Sadie's I'm not shy about it Molly doesn't mind it either these are the treats and again for the exact specifications for each size be sure to check our website so you can get two different size treats these are the two milligram treats for smaller dogs and this is the size if I can get my terrible beggars and these are the bigger sizes for the larger dogs you can see there are dogs enjoy these these are made of coconut oil oats apples peanut butter cinnamon and turmeric along with the hemp oil so they're tasty both of our dogs even are picky little beagle will eat these the dosing instructions on these ones again go on the based on the size of your dog so each biscuit for large dogs over 50 pounds can five milligrams of cannabinoids per serving the suggested serving is one milligram per 10 pound so if your dog

weighs 50 pounds one treat 100 pounds two treats and you should repeat the serving every four to eight hours as needed and again this is the smaller size those are for littler dogs and the sick ticks to Ronnies there's one milligram for every ten pounds of body weight and there's two milligrams in each Street so if your dog weighs 20 pounds he gets one treat 40 pounds two treats then again the dosing is every 48 hours if you have any other questions feel free to email me send me up the hot choc dog tips calm thanks for watching this video review