25 April 2019

Baby Animal Care Game - Baby Animal Hair Salon2 - Play Fun Dress Up Makeover,Makeup Game Play

Baby Animal Hair Salon 2 - Jungle Style Makeover By TutoTOONS → Download ➤Google Play: ...

baby animal hair salon - welcome to the

Jumbo you changed my Dyson you throw it away to me can you wash me [Music] much better [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to the jungle hi I want to look just like my mom I love water [Music] now dry my hair much better my eyes for tanning I love suntan super I want to have spots like my mother my nails are too sharp much better [Music] I look like a grown ups now hi [Music] welcome to the jungle hello can you pick this stuff Mike Oh see I need to take a shower very good now watch this inside my coat is very much brush my hair please will you clip my fern Oh take the scissors and cut it now let's add some color pink is my favorite color [Music] I love this hairstyle final play more and get more trophies welcome to the jungle

choose the animal you want to dress up [Music] dress me up for tonight's show super [Music] cool I love it rock [Music] rock n roll I love it welcome to the jungle choose the animal you want to dress up hi nice sunglasses welcome to the jungle choose the animal you want to dress up let's have some fun [Music] [Music] I'll be great [Music] [Music] nice amazing welcome to the jungle [Music] hello take off my shoes please great now take off my clothes click clothes into the washing machine you're doing great turn it on [Applause] take a sponge and wash me I love water [Music] super change the color of my hair Wow Green is my favorite color let's dry my hair clothes are clean good job you're

doing great brush my hair please I prefer straight hair almost done my jacket looks great put my shoes on and I'm ready to go [Music] [Applause] dress me up [Music] I love it welcome to the jungle hi my name is Amy I need a new luck very good now watch the safe box my coat is very hot will you clip my first nice I love this hairstyle [Music] every lover needs her spots [Music] now the rest of the body piece my nails are very sharp you happy amazing very beautiful color [Music] [Applause] [Music] let's have some fun fantastic welcome to the jungle welcome to the jungle coloring book select the color you like and paint the picture [Music] this animal needs some color [Music]

welcome to the jungle [Music]