11 January 2019

Baby Animal Hair Salon 2 Games For Kids - Play Fun Jungle Animals Style Makeover - Fun Pet Care Game

Baby Animal Hair Salon 2 - Jungle Style Makeover By TutoTOONS Download ➤Google Play: https://goo.gl/XH2r5A ➤iTunes: https://goo.gl/LpVRLJ ...

I love this hairstyle

[Music] it's awesome welcome to the jungle [Music] hello take off my shoes please great now take off my clothes [Music] click Klaus into the washing machine you're doing great [Music] turn it on take a sponge and wash me I love water [Music] change the color of my hair Wow green is my favorite color let's dry my hair clothes are clean you're doing great [Music] fresh my hair please - first straight hair almost my jacket looks great put my shoes on and I'm ready to go hide the first straight hair [Music] [Music] welcome to the jungle [Music] hi take off my t-shirt please I played with paint can you wash my hair please [Music] can you trim it what should we use to make my hairstyle

[Music] what's that smell what should we use to make my hairs will you shave what should we used to make my hairstyle brush my hair please now just me up please I like it is this cool are you a stylist nice hat you got style welcome to the jungle now dry my hair better I want to have spots like my mother my nails are too sharp [Music] much better [Music] welcome to the jungle [Music] hey I'm Pandora first spray some water in my hair brush it please take the scissors and steer it now let's add some color very good apply shampoo shower time I [Music] love this color some final touches for an awesome look oh yes I look amazing thank you dress me up for tonight's show super [Music] welcome to the jungle [Music] [Music]

welcome to the jungle baby animal hair salon 2 [Music]