09 January 2019

Baby Boy Pet gets Attached by new neighbors dog OMG GANGSTALKERS? Jump Start January #9

Saw the animal control agent at the animal hospital after the incident and then she is the one that serviced our emergency call. Coincidence or not I find it ...

I don't want to come on today real quick

this is a vlog to show you that even animals will try to steal the joy out of your animals ok other people animals look how my babies is limping he was mauled on his little leg right here by this gigantic black dog that's over here guys my mom was walking the dog before us and this dog pretty much came up under the gate and just attacked little scrappy but he's doing much better guys it's been five days we're gonna go get to the vet the Animal Hospital and take them to see if it eating broken bones but I don't think so I think he's getting he's healing better because it was all my guy he was screaming he was licking on his his little foot it was bloody we had to take him to the hospital animal hospital right away they gave him my antibiotic shot and gave him some pain medication once a day and he's doing great guys he and I was praying I said I hope this doesn't stop I heard his little spirit because he's such a friendly lovable dog he's just loveable and he and the thing is he never been around any kind of violence or anything like that to live with another dog or anything like that he is so friendly he went up to the gate

one time and the dog was just roughing it a runner and then crying to try to get to him and I was like oh no we can't go that way I know and the thing is my mom was walking him didn't see that dog he wasn't outside and all of a sudden he shows up he's what he's like just rut growling and then he ended up finding a way to get to pretty much get scrappy and scrappy was like on my own bed rest for at least four days he's following coming around yesterday was doing much better now today I'm seeing a progression in his mobile ability he he's limping he's able to he can even poop for about three days because he couldn't position himself because he wasn't used to limping on that weight on our leg so I'm so happy he's doing better guys and I just wanted to come and tell you guys it's I swear if it wasn't for this gang stalking I want to have the benefit of the doubt guys the doggone animal I was the lady the animal whatever they call them code enforcement lady came and she was very polite and everything and just like she was a very personable stuff saying that she was going to go get the dog and quarantine him to make sure he doesn't

have any you know diseases or anything and if he does she will come and let us know how to handle scrappy and what he what kind of care he needs coming scrapped come here come here and good boy he's a big dog he's a good old dog he's a good baby boy see you little late guys see how that looks and watch awesome oh hello leg yeah he'll pull it up let me see the little leg scrappy let me see a little leg hurt let me see let me see it a little bit oh he wouldn't even let us touch it and when he had got Maul but anyway guys she says she's on a quarantine Adolphe for ten days and she did not quarantine a dog for ten days you know that dog is back in the ladies yard my mom seen him last night and so it was only like three days but the report is supposed to be ready today so we're going to call that lady and have her bring us the report because that lady the the owner of that dog will be paying me for medical bills and if she does and I'm taking her to court who cares and then the old code enforcement lady talking about usually when this happens they don't want to go to court people

don't usually want to pay that fee to go to court I'm paying a fee to go to court this is this is my family dog it's just like a child or a family member I'm taking that lady to court if she's not going to pay for any medical bills I will take her to court and ask for court fees to be paid if I went in pain and suffering coz this little dog suffering suffering and so was we that dog is all a danger to the community huh guys you know what if you have a pet it's just like having a kid it really is or a niece or a little you know godchild or something it's a family member it really is and that this little dog right here when I was in my pain and suffering in my medical condition and I couldn't get up off the couch for a couple of days and stuff like that when I was in so much pain on medication and everything like that this dog slept on my at my foot you know at my feet every night on the couch with me and he could feel my pain he could see it in his little eyes and he was just so so cozied up to me you know he just wanted me to cause cozy up with him and everything guys all right I'm just going to cut this off but I just wanted

to show you that if it any one thing it's another but I'm still hanging in there stay positive Happy New Year's guys take care jump start January