08 April 2016

Baby English Angora Bunny Grooming

Grooming young English Angoras. FB- Greene's Garden Things Rabbitry www.greenesgardenthings.com.

I have the three baby Angoras and I'm

going to show you how I go ahead and I start getting used to being a groom I use basically just the dog grooming tools toenail clippers combs a slicker brush a detangler good and I use a small shop fat for blowing there huh now when they get bigger and the rule gets longer you won't want to comb it unless you're wanting it removed the wool because if you comb it it comes out and if you're wanting to leave it long and fluffy and and not anything mats you'll want to use the blower and I always started mill when they're little even though they really don't need that right now but I go ahead and get them used to the sound of it so we're going to get started and basically I just take a slicker brush and gently just come out much as you can see things I've brushed them before but they don't fine be careful of their eyes because they're so fuzzy you can't find them sometimes so you don't want to accidentally get into their eyes you can just gently lay them over on their back and nobody there and when you do there see me gentle because they're tender and touchy about their feet so if you see any anything in their wool there's a little piece of

straw you can just remove it out of there and today is the first day that they get introduced to the blowers as I'm just gonna turn it on let's see these two over here we're kind of scared by the noise but this one wasn't scared he took it really well and if you want to come a little bit that's okay too at this age he's not going studies well but I see no tangles no mats now if I was going to clip their toenails I would lay out in between my legs or gently squeeze their ears just a little bit to hold them in place but once they're on their back they pretty much lay still pull up the toenail and I just clip that little bitty tip I just kind of gets that sharp white off of there so they don't scratch there he is yeah go ahead one of these and do the same so they all get used to thank you in the sound of the vacuum cleaner once they see it's not gonna hurt them they won't mind it all it's really not a hard thing to do if you're going to show them and you want that long will you be wanting to

blow them probably every day every other day if you're going to show up and if you're wanting to keep the wool so you can have it long for a spin the wool later which is what I do well I think we want to go ahead and use on make sure that they're kept really really good with the blower and remove any mats or anything that they might get you're not wanting the wool you just want the little bunny for a pet and you don't care about the rule and it gets too long you don't want to fool with it then you can just trim it off and they'll look like Wallach on that on that video Wally so we're gonna try again here and see how this one's gonna do you might I always cover their eyes with my hands now the more you belong the more they're going to get used to that sound and that's just a the only gentle