24 April 2019

Baby Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 - Jungle Animal New Style Makeover Dress Up - Fun Baby Pet Care Game

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baby jungle animal hair salon make the

cross hi my name is titi let's have some fun can you pick this stuff out of my coat I need to take a shower very good my coat is brush my hair please will you clip my first looks great take the scissors and cut it now let's add some color I love water pink is my favorite color I'm not this hairstyle some final touches burn awesome look fresh my hair please nice I look amazing let's have some fun hi hi my name is Rio I want to live just like my mom I love water now dry my hair much better [Music] protect my eyes before Timmy oh I love Dante super I want to have spots like my mother [Music] my nails are too sharp scrub it [Music] much better thank you very much I look like a grown-up now I like it nice sunglasses let's have some fun hi honey my name is Amy I need a new luck very good now wash the soap off my coat is dirtier will you click like bird nice I love this hairstyle every leper needs your spot now the rest of the body

see my nails are very sharp are you happy amazing [Music] very beautiful color very much your the fact let's have some fun [Music] super I'm the Francis of the jungle fantastic let's have some fun hello hello my name is TG take off my shoes please great now take off my clothes put clothes into the washing machine you're doing great turn it on [Music] take a sponge and wash me I love water [Music] super change the color of my hair Wow rain is my favorite color let's dry my hair clothes are clean good job now let's iron them you're doing great [Music] brush my hair please I prefer straight hair almost done [Music] my jacket looks great put my shoes on and I'm ready to go you did a great job dress me up super very nice let's have some fun

yes hi my name is reto can you watch my great now rinse the sofa [Music] Oh shaving cream very good now shave my legs Manta I love the red color thank you now please do my hair I will look amazing now let's add some color very good shampoo time I love water [Music] let's dry my hair it looks great use mascara for a false lash effect red is my favorite color [Music] I love my new hairstyle thank you so much dress me for my rock band concert cool I love it Wow rock and roll cool it looks great I love it let's have some fun hey let's make some cocktails click the point let's have some fun and slice it papaya pineapple banana papaya now cut these fruits into small pieces we need more fruits oh mama grandmama dress watermelons pomegranates water Memphis good job you know what to do great now blend everything yummy add some coconut milk [Music] drinks are almost ready amazing now

taste it good job that drink was delicious this is so fun I love this party let's have some fun welcome to the jungle coloring book [Music] this animal needs some color [Music] hey some with the colors you like [Music] let's have some fun baby jungle animal hair salon