19 April 2019

BABY PETS How to Bathe and Care for Kira the Cat 🐱 Educational Cartoons

toontoongames #alexandlily #gameplay Hi, guys!! In today's new, gameplay video of baby Alex and Lily we are going to bathe Kira, the ToonToon Games pet ...

today we're going to care for our kitten

kima everything is ready flick play and have fun with Alex and Lily hi Alex hi Kyra great are you going to play ball oh I can see you want to keep playing Alex but I don't think here for your psyche it I know what you need Kyra let's have a self-care day so that you can unwind and relax excellent I knew you'd like the idea we'll see you later Alex bye bye [Music] let's start by bathing you don't worry Kiera this will be a very relaxing bath you'll see first we fill up the tub with tepid water not hot or cold cats don't really like it but you are already used to it now we are going to use this special shampoo for you it smells amazing guards are very clean animals because they use their tongue to grip themselves [Music] but Kira seems to like being pampered oh now we have a towel you dry Horace the towel ready we towels are your ears your body your legs done oh my would you look at your heart Kira let's grab the brush so we can make you look nice

hey guys brushing your cat's fur is very good for it because it makes its first stronger healthier and shinier and they really like it perfect oh those spirals Kira we need to brush them too let's use this gold tooth brush and the scabbard flavored toothpaste that I know you're going to love brushing their teeth is important because it prevents bad breath and mouth diseases okay Cuba now let's brush these deep properly great you look much better food and lastly you have to keep your nails strong and healthy that's why we're going to file them a bit there rather long right now I need you to lift your pores Kira these nails perfect and now give me your other four you're doing really well here oh don't you feel much happier and more relaxed now yes I can tell oh I have a little something for you since you were such a good girl I have a little gift for you a yummy treat yeah and it I think Kyra really lights herself card a blues new t-shirt just amazing what's that Matt sukira alright you're the only

one hasn't tried snapchat yet well what are you waiting for let's get my fur ball oh by the way what's your favorite snapchat filter guys please tell us in the comments and we'll use it in a future video now we're ready you're going to look hilarious I'm sure of it great you went from captor dog let me take a picture open your mouth I'll show it to you later now what do you say we dive in the water just kidding I know you don't like water but you're going to love this filter though it's so much fun see it wasn't that bad now was it see we can come after the water now and speaking of amazing things Halloween is just around the corner do you have a costume yet go this might give you some good ideas you'll see can let's try another one yeah this one is mandatory it's my favorite it's ready Kira I love it come on you must be dying to see your pictures this was the first one with the doggy filter you look really funny with those ears see it's not so bad being underwater huh oh you look rather creepy on this one I

think you should go for this makeup and Halloween and this one is simply fantastic should we share Alex and Lily it seems like Alex beat me to it come on I'll take your picture Lily hi Ruby I see you very great time playing in the garden but you're so messy you need to take a bath Lily but first we also have to give Ruby a bath don't worry it's going to be so much fun you'll see remember Lily rabbits much like cats don't really like water but if it got me out we can do it very carefully please just learning to care for her pet what about you guys do you also have pets what are they called you can tell us in the comments are you ready Ruby it's important to brush them thoroughly before bathing they love it we also get rid of the hair they said all right now we can prepare the path remember to make sure the water is lukewarm not too cold or too hot is this okay Ruby the shampoo is also important they are very sensitive animals so we can't just use any you can buy shampoo for bunnies in the pet shop or you can use baby shampoo like this one she loves the smell great

now I just have to scrub the streams they just love it Ruby bunnies are very clean animals now just have to dry you up quickly so that you don't catch a cold we can't use the hairdryer the loud noise might scare her it's best of use a towel isn't it perfect let's see if lily has finished I think you're also ready Lily what if you like doing no playing again okay but don't get all messy again hi guys warm weather is coming up so today we're going to try on a really light costume if I told you about a Disney princess who is also a warrior come to mind almost Lily I spoke of a light costume remember it's not that cold in this kingdom that's right Alex its mallanna although you're dressing up as the fierce Maori today that's right let's begin with you Alex first we have to do your hair and turn it long and curly that's it now we have to wait a little while for it to finish curling your hair in the meantime let's take care of your skin tone it's obvious you haven't really been to the beach don't worry we have an instant term for

that you'll see just close your eyes [Music] done see now you have the perfect tropical tan okay know what's missing that's right Alex Maui's body is covered in tattoos do you know what I represent they're like models they symbolize the importance of a warrior to their tribe don't worry they're not permanent they will disappear when you bathe all right let's do you close now Moana and Maui live on the Tahiti Islands and it's really hot there so they wear like comfy clothes and you guys what other exotic places like Tahiti do you know off we can tell us in the comments they also usually wear necklaces in those stripes they're amulets made after phone like this one you're almost ready let's see what your hair looks like wow it's amazing you have such long hair great now it's your turn Lily well Lily we're all we're going to dress you up as an indigenous person so we put the hairdryer on your head and supply an instant turn remember to close your eyes okay you look beautiful and now your clothes check it out you're both wearing a skirt today and your necklace it's a

seashell we remove the hairdryer and now you're ready well I think that's it [Applause] [Music] silly me I forgot about your accessories mallanna's magic aura and Maui's magic fishhook wow it's amazing you both look incredible it's going to be very hard to top this do you guys think we'll be able to you have any costume ideas [Music]