27 November 2017

Baby,Pets,Animals Care Games : EEEW! Stinkiest Feet Ever.

Baby,Pets,Animals Care Games : EEEW! Stinkiest Feet Ever. You've been working hard with your best friend to plan the birthday party of your dreams – a pool ...


let's begin the stinkiest adventure ever [Music] I'm gonna plan the coolest birthday parties Les Paul might be a second to plan it together there's a lot to do when planning your birthday dumb panic your helpful friend is on the way are you excited about your birthday yep and I'm gonna throw the coolest party ever so what did you plan for it so far let's do the planning together besties ah refreshing let's design the coolest party invitation [Music] [Music] that looks great so let's see how we set up the party space perfect [Music] let's choose cool party music I like that one honey [Music] hey you I'm throwing a birthday party at the pool this weekend spread the word great hey guys I'm going out you need something thanks dad we're fine bye then and have fun yeah what's that smell oh no it must be dad speak again I've got to do something or he'll embarrass me on my birthday party

[Music] [Applause] [Music] one thing that is sure to kill the mood his feet that smell like rotten food well time to get rid of that awful smell let's remove those stinky socks yuck Wow this right here I can get some treatment cool let's get rid of that nasty - could use some refreshment I'm not really sure about this hopefully [Music] [Applause] [Music] dr. P Schwartz is quick to heal any issue from your toe to your heel so you have a problem with stinky seat you've come to the right place dr. P Schwartz's extreme workshop as a solution for everything [Music] extreme measures require extreme protection let's break those disgusting socks [Music] [Music] and now the medicine worked in a few short hours now dad socks smell like flowers let's dress in something fancy for the celebration dinner with Daddy

[Music] Ruby Ruby that was great let's go and celebrate your table is ready sell enjoy your dinner George use something nicer one more [Music] [Applause] great let's share this on tap chat I [Music] apologize cell but the other guests are complaining about the smell of your feet oh no daddy just healed them do they stink again if I may be honest madam they're the stinkiest feet FL turns out dad's feet are not exactly healed this calls for shoes that are hermetically sealed welcome to our shoe store oh my that's smell just a moment I need my special equipment for this kind of situation I need something for my don't worry I know just what you need our special shoe model fragrance Master 2.0 the air could use some refreshment [Music] let's measure your foot nice let's smell nice - [Music] body I think I need new shoes too great choice [Music]

we hold the wonder of modern shoe size [Music] language master 2.0 congratulations sir you solve your little problem in a very elegant way [Music] [Applause]