07 November 2018

Bad Doctor vs Crazy Doctor With Flip Sequin Pets & Puppy Dog Pals

Sandra dresses as Doc McStuffins to do a check up on the Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals toys Bingo and Rollie. Sandra starts out as a good doctor and Zander ...


hello everybody welcome to my crazy pet vet clinic here and we haven't had many customers lately because I guess the reputation of the name and everything but I just called it that because I thought it was crazy good at what I do you know I turn animals and do beautiful creatures and I give them new identities and I you know I'm an innovator in the medical field obviously so I have a new doctor crazy yes dr. Kendricks oh yeah oh nothing really I just want to experiment on it turn around oh the giraffe you know what to be great for this to make it not to drop anymore give it to new look Oh anything is possible doctor crazy yes I could do anything I'm very smart oh yes I can't wait to do it so and actually this table is only for the crazy doctor so you have to go to the normal doctor thing over there yes yes it's your new hearing and they gotta go there fine whatever I have other pets that I could do fun things too all right you little giraffe let's see him huh bulgy eyes interesting pattern of pink of purple never seen that in a drop before oh don't worry

never let that crazy doctor touch you let's check the temperature to make sure you're stable for surgery a little warm but that's alright happy for surgery what in the world is he doing mm-hmm ready Oh make sure the blood pressure is okay for me to to surgically remove things very good yes good enough yeah all right well let's see Chelsea there we go beautiful yes and we want sequins on it too because everybody loves flip sequins look at your you're gorgeous hippo now hippos are so much cuter I love these this is so fun to play with all day Oh kids would love this isn't this such a good experiment dr. saundra a hippo is that even possible oh you just like flip an animal and then they become something totally - oh wait a minute wait a minute cotton candy okay there's something really strange going on here Oh weird things happen here and dr. Crazy's office I could do anything anything I'm a miracle worker can you turn to any animal into something completely different to anything that I want well nothing weird is going to happen while I'm taking care of these pets over

here oh man okay weird things aren't happening here all right we have a little cute baby shower here just like the song it's very cute you know what I've always wanted an animal that was kind of crunchy kind of satisfied because I love the sound of crunching yes yes yes aren't you so glad you're being taken care of by me crazy time whoa being a crazy but no world is he doing even is I think this is perhaps it back to do the trick off I just enough shuffling around in plastic bags so so it's in eighteen gets its the census going in okay let's see do that in there ooh I Specter yes keep it in there this will be a while girl rapids when hit plastic bags be dangerous fissures this is strange all right white shark experiment is finished it's exit country now I love the feeling of it it sounds of the ocean say why don't water you gave congratulate assumes yeah special medicine see crazy that would be unlike anything I've done yes it's do it uh-huh right let's see we got this let's make sure it's ready for

surgery oh I mean every writer for surgery it's definitely just do it okay we're gonna have the shark eat up the fur there we go there we go and we do this Tiffany ooh and fire breath baby noise you want to be next all righty and now my newest creation dragon it will be like the most popular anime no let's see a lot something Oh beautiful are the two looks pretty animals yes oh so here's all the toys feature in this video let's start right here these are brand new crunch of malls and I'm really cool what I like about them is the fabric is super soft but they're really fun to crunch and play was so telling I don't know playing a single paper something inside here so here's a little charge we also have our puppy Goncalves and all of these toys were mailed to us for a review so here's bingo and he's in a cool little carrier so let's see what comes okay so we have one little pet and you can see he's missing his collar here so let's let's free bingo so you can play with Rolly let's see what comes with a lot of accessories actually oh yeah here we go

so here's bingo scholar and yeah that's a little lightning bolt there and it's adjustable too that's kind of cool oh my got kind of a bigger setting for me go but that's cool though it's adjustable so then you can use it on other toys as well so here we go I'm looking super fun and we have a hairbrush so it's kind of like a style and go for I mean go here let's see we got some mini their puppy medicine or puppy food there we go or maybe it's so oh don't eat that Oh cute he's got a matching dog dish she can eat from here oh boy from this time there we go he's messing up all over the place here let's see oh yeah so he came with this like so playing tennis ball and this wasn't one of the episodes where the earlier one that's cool I can't really go and then yeah we also have puppy dog pals food looks like I need to make this little tater there we go and then we have a dog bone mmm very tasty okay let's roll on down and let's see what we have here so this is a brand new flip as video and the cool thing about it is it turns from a giraffe to flip sequins it's not perfect so it's like a flipping pet and that comes with the flip sequins so we

go from yellow it's a blue I feel again I love the flip sequins so I'm not surprised that these are popular and then this kind of looks like a hippo to me yeah it's got teeth let me know in the comments if you don't think it's a hippo but I think it is and then a unicorn everything toy right now is the unicorn has stars and then on this let's see what we have here oh is it dragon oh that's cute I really like this one and then the flip sequence go from pink to purple so purple Peter that's really cool and then over here we have brand-new puppy surprise so this is magic mommy I ain't seen this at Toy Fair but never played with it so she kisses her puppies and there's puppies inside so let's open it up and let's find some puppies all right yes so here is our mommy puppy and it was kind of cool cuz check out what happens when I pressed her paw she works her head shakes her tail right through town and then I felt like I heard a little for it sounded she pops our legs out like one two puppies is that so cute and then we can have the puppies get it licked by mommy love that's super cute here we go snag goes yeah

[Music] okay so let's check out our last two so I have the picking Smee pot flips and this is the unicorn so let's see what's inside oh it was actually pretty rare to get two we got both of them so that's super special and then let me flip it into a cotton candy tada I love that green and pink together it looks really tasty and then let's check out our awesome Rolly well it is my favorite of the two puppies but you know at the time I put your favorite but I just think really it's just cute because I just kind of like the goofy yellow brother so let's see if we got kind of similar stuff okay so it has dog food but picture rolling on it and then we have our dog collar and this one has a little dog bone which is super cute let's see um so it seems kind of similar okay we have a dog brush and this one's green puppy bowl here we go and then I really do another thing maybe this is Shep do so let's not drink it rolling and then and then he has the same ball contraption that bingo camera so very cool I'll help everybody enjoyed this video

please make sure to give us a like subscribe and in the comments let us know which doctor he likes best the good doctor is our bad doctor [Music] [Applause] [Music]