06 October 2011

Ball Python Care

http://www.LLLReptile.com Steph from LLLReptile discusses basic care for ball pythons, and we show one of our beautiful baby Spider Ball Pythons!

all right so where do you doin today

stuff I am setting up a ball python okay what are you putting in the bottom there this is called orchid bark we use it for the ball pythons and other animals that need humidity because the bark actually holds moisture pretty well while pythons come from Africa so it's nice and hot there's not as or it's hotter and hey they're in California um but as it is hot in California we don't really necessarily have the humidity like I do back home where's-where's back home back home is Georgian explains the accent all right um but yeah I can California y'all don't have as much humidity so we use the orchid bark and to up the humidity in the tank the humidity helps the snake ship so if you have problems with your ball python not shedding in one full piece you can always try to change the substring a little bit so give it about an inch as a substrate for them to be on and then you can start setting up the rest of the tank um today we're going to put in the exit era rock outcrop okay it's a nice little casing ready to hide in oh yeah they can always go in it and there's two little holes in

there you need sometimes see the ball pythons poking out kind of cute yep but we put them in there and or pecans and stuff because ball - actually like to be secluded if you'll notice during the day they're not out that much they like to hide and they'll scram themselves into the tiny spaces they just like to feel secure so we're gonna adding an extra little Zuma court flat okay just to give it something out so it doesn't feel like you only has one place to go and then of course the water bowl is a pet type medium water bowl okay and it's big enough for it to fit in it looks like it is so if it needs if it feels like it needs to sub for any reason whatsoever it can if you do catch your ball python soaking your water though always make sure just to check and see if it's okay and they just be this bad to shed its getting ready for that or it may be that has mites um so if you ever have any questions about my joint thing feel free to call us and we'll go our how to treat them and everything because the same environment that ball pythons bargain hi sorry bin so it doesn't necessarily mean you're taking back care of your shake just something

to happen right now um also to help with the humidity we're gonna throw in uh Zuma's Magnum Moss stone know if I pronounced that right because Magnum it's a tough word it's a weird word you know I don't exactly talk right neither okay fair enough so yeah it does it makes the cage look nicer too real nice and naturalistic yeah again it just helps with the humidity and stuff because we always will make sure that they shed properly and the heats up and everything um it helps hold the heat in the tank too and creates a little bubble of warm air underneath 30 much so this of course would be the hot side of the tank for the ball python to be in this would be the cold side the hot side is going to range between 90 and 95 degrees colder sides gonna be in the 80s probably low 80s for that Sun um in a tank this small this is actually kind of small for a boat Python it would only work from little ball um ours are the one we'll put in here today is it baby so it can work for now so how big did ball pythons get they get between four and five feet um it'll take them about two to three years to get that size so you got time to watch them grow and

everything and then what kind of applies when I was put in putting in there that doesn't look like a normal one it is not this is a pattern mutation it's called a spider ball python you'll notice that the back part is actually lighter mm-hmm then a normal ball python and then on the sides they have these really pretty colorings on their bellies mm-hmm oh yeah look at that belly it's got a little pattern on it and then the pattern itself looks a lot like spider webbing which I'm guessing would be why it's called a spider exactly there are absolutely hundreds of different color mutations and pattern mutations per ball python definitely something worth looking at poo and we're putting it in and that's it that's pretty much all you need to know for basic or python care cool Thank You Seth Oh