10 February 2019

Barbie And Nikki Help Taffy Have Puppies Opening Plus Doggy Daycare

Opening up Barbie Newborn Pups and Nikki Doggy Daycare.

hi everyone welcome to another episode

Sparkle twist toy time and today we have Barbie so this is Barbie's friend Nikki and she is the doggy daycare issues all these super cute little puppies and it looks like this one one it can even tinkle on the newspaper so we just feed it the water and tinkles oh we have a little blankets of dog food so cute so there they all are lots of cute adorable puppies oh my gosh this one poops poops out the bone alright I can't wait to open this one up and take a look and alright and now we have Barbie over here and we have taffy and Taffy's gonna have these three little babies so looks like barbie has this little bed for taffy I have her puppies they're so cute I'm even get a color change to find out if they're a boy or girl so mister Bree saw on the back we just put them in the little belly and then we watch her ever puppies and then we get to find out boy or girl what do you think my little snow kitten are we're gonna have boys or girls boys all girls yes alright so let's see we're gonna open these up take them all out and then have some fun whoopsie alright let's go all right so we have Nikki here and her super cute dress I love all the little ice cream

going on here in the little popsicles they're so yummy and her hair is just so pretty I love this and she even is super bendable down here and cute little tennis shoes too cute and then she goes with all these awesome puppies they're so cute and playful so love this one this is probably my favorite one of all of these and we have this adorable little puppy this big one right here it looks like it even can lift its leg I think this one's the Tinkler and this one might be the pooper Bend's it's little towel right there we have our newspaper little water bottle here and then our bowl with yum treats for the puppies all right Nikki oh my gosh look at all of you cute little puppies oh boy I just can't buy love all my puppies so much all right does anybody want to play oh you're just the sweetest aren't you well oh I bet you're awful thirsty mister let's go ahead and get you something to drink let's see all right Oh drink up here's the water let's fill this up all the way there we go and great are you thirsty now let's see get you some water here we go oh gosh you're drinking that up so fast there yeah oh no do you have

a little tummy ache did you drink that too fast little wine or oh oh you need to go peepee oh well right here in the back go on the mat okay Oh oh there you go good job oh good all over the minute there you go or even turn yellow with the peepee oh good job good job boy what a good boy oh what a good trick you deserve a treat yes you do let's see I got lots of yummy treats in here for you here we go just pop that on in there oh you deserve another treat yes you do here's another one here we go oh there goes it goes right up Oh leave him little poopsies everywhere aren't you he's silly little one oh are you still sleepy just laying there oh well I wonder how Barbies doing I know taffy is almost due oh I probably should go check on her let's see all right puppies we're going to go over to Barbie's house and make sure she's doing okay with taffy I bet taffies expecting those he's just any minute now all right that's uh let's see can I carry Allah go oh oh there's so many puppies all right come on little one I think you're gonna

have to walk mister all right let's go come on let's go check on Barbie and taffy so here we are we have taffy and Barbie you want to shows what they all got snow kitten you know Eve okay all right so we have this lovely little like watering dish we can also use it to check the color super gigas it's in the shape of a door below paw and then we have this looks like we could use this to bathe left aunt taffy my back you boys like Donnie and then oh here we go we got a nice little blanket we come from her camp you just got here in some no shove a rubber she has a super sweet little bit oh she can get nice and cozy relax and have her puppies in here here we go here is Tim are you gonna lay down in there with her Barbie all right so here's happy she's a big girl a Golden Retriever and her puppy oh she is big and pregnant there so Sherri has her three little puppies hiding in there well I can't wait to see him and then we have Barbie take a look at you Barbie I love your outfit she looks awesome oh and so you got her hair all done I like it came with a pony tail they're super cute pink shirt with a little hard some shorts and some white

sneakers I like how bendy she is there [Music] mmm-hmm all right so Barbie how is taffy down Barbie Barbie I've been so worried about you oh how it's happy so where's she getting close as at almost time whoa-oh-oh what can I do to help is there anything does she is she some water or blankets do it did you see snow we're all torn up for taffy oh don't it's a big dis you're we get some blankets and then snow is a soap and then why don't take that up things oh they they do that's amazing I'll be right merica sorry alright here's a here's a little blanket I found in here there's one of the little things we have to change I would here's another one it has a Madeline okay let's sit over I'd be down to here tall you look like you got said right there again Otani oh oh I think I think she's getting close is it puppy ready to come out oh they're so cute oh you must see is it a boy or girl let's hear I'll move this over here for you alright that's the cold and here we go there's the hot I'm so excited so if

it is well boy should have the eyes open and the eyes are closed if it's a girl okay so let's take a peek I can't wait what I wanna see let's see eyes are open so that's a boy let's double check this oh look how cute that is let's get a hard-on it's baby let's see oh that's in cold water yeah I say this is a boy the ice stayed open oh we have one little boy for you Tony or tabby your taffy you're not a horse oh I'm so sorry you're bound and determined to make them girls aren't you or maybe it's the hearts on the book see this one has a blue and also called butter this does have a blue heart I'm pretty sure this one's a boy that one's a boy let's see I'm looking I'm looking but those are girls let's see let's see got we got a pink heart boy Peter it's a girl there we go look here this one is cool that was a girl too oh yeah well you got two girls you wanna I know you want all three oh they're so cute taffy oh you're gonna be such a good mommy Oh Barbie congratulations are you getting them all dried off oh she's gonna baby's been oh I'm so

excited more babies oh oh I am super excited then I just love babies congratulations taffy Oh Barbie Barbie wait give I know you're taking em it's been a long exhausting time isn't it congratulations I was so excited I hope soon you'll let me take taffy and the babies out with my other puppies I just love dogs so much Wow oh nice distill the soap what's up there it is they're just one of my dogs just chewing on it I think oh you silly silly puppy oh there you go getting that puppy all nice and clean oh [Applause] you're gonna like amazing taffy you're gonna be such a good mommy oh the puppies are coming later oh you got this girl they're so cute well this has been a long hard day for you and taffy Barbie Oh congratulations all right well I'm gonna take all my flat stone oh my goodness taffy more puppies all right well we are gonna keep having puppies over here I hope you likes this video remember to like and subscribe and comment below to tell me which one you'd like to have three girls three boys one girl two boys heart you remember to like and subscribe

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