06 August 2018

Barbie Dolls School Morning Routine Videos - Back To School Videos for Kids

Barbie Dolls Morning Routine for Back to school. The best barbie back to school videos combined! Barbie Twin sisters bedroom morning routine with new ...


good morning girls good morning my dear granddaughters it's time to get up we have to go to school I mean you have to go to school hello Oh girls good morning grandma good morning sweetheart please wake up your sister she is just so difficult yeah I will at least I'll try thank you sweetheart I will be back with your uniforms I think you're going to love them I just got them back from the dry cleaners I'll be back soon okay oh I forgot we got new uniforms I hope they're gonna be at least a little bit cute come on Sam wake up Samantha wake up hey oh she drools huh well I'm ready to go but I need to check my phone before Oh let's see what's going on in the Instagram world huh no way they're dating that's crazy oh but I got an idea of waking up Sam this will be super funny it's for her own good she needs to get up I was calling me hello hi it's me your sister you have to get up I've been trying to wake you up for like the past 20 minutes bye was this really necessary oh come on Sam wake up I'm away grandma I just don't want to go to school I hate going to school can I just lay down and

go to sleep please oh don't be dramatic sweetheart it's the first day of school hmm and you'll be wearing new uniforms today anywho I was thinking we can go to Dunkin Donuts this morning instead of having breakfast here grandma it's not called Dunkin Donuts it's called mr. Donuts you always say it's called Dunkin Donuts and the people that work there hate it please stop doing that oh I'm just a little bit old egg get confused with the names haha okay well thanks I would love to go great so go take a shower and brush your teeth honey you're kind of smell why Oh sweetheart I have your uniform here straight from the dry cleaner oh thanks grandma oh wow I thought it was gonna be a little bit different um like I picture like a Sailor Moon or I don't know a cute uniform this is I mean this is okay grandma thank you huh oh what a ugly uniform we have to wear this year oh darling you're gonna look adorable you and your twin sister I can't wait to take pictures okay well maybe I'll be able to make it look cute

with like accessories or shoes well it is kind of big but it'll be just fine I need to find some shoes to go with this something comfortable what is that our new uniforms you know why they're hideous I didn't know that's what we have to wear I am not wearing that yes you are why are they doing that we could have just kept wearing our normal clothes it's not a big deal I found my shoes and now I'm gonna finish packing my bag ah this is okay I guess you're wearing it backwards no I'm not it's a new style I don't want to look like everybody else okay even those necklaces are not making this look cute I don't think it's meant to be it's just to go to school you know girls are you ready to go yeah but darling I think you have it on backwards no grandma is a new style I'm trying to go for okay don't ask me I don't know okay whatever you say you strange teenagers I'll see you in the car don't take too long okay let's take a selfie before we go there's this school I don't know what to get they all look so delicious maybe the chocolate one no maybe the

pink one can you please not touch the donuts please oh sorry come on Sarah we have to go I need to go to work already okay mom I'll choose one oh I love the smell of Dunkin Donuts in the morning grandma ma'am it says this is mr. doughnuts not Dunkin Donuts mr. doughnuts oh there's so many delicious doughnuts to choose from darling would you give me a doughnut or two in a coffee I'll go sit down by the table okay grandma thinks you're a sweetheart I'm gonna take a picture to my Instagram oh I just don't know what together it is so delicious I want them all I wish this girl would hurry up we're gonna be late I just don't know what to choose I think they're all pretty tasty so can you please choose one so I can get going by the way your uniform is on backwards what do you know about fashion little girl hmm okay I'll take the plane doughnuts Thanks you've been taking so long and you're gonna choose the plane doughnut okay it will be $1 are you ready yes can I have one of these and the strawberry in the chocolate frosted you can just get on yourself oh okay [Music]

okay $20 here you go grandma thank you so much for bringing us here you're welcome darling are you going to be eating all of those doughnuts yeah of course I believe it great that girl took like all of my doughnuts now I have to restock [Music] [Music] good morning I'm gonna start making my bed well it's time for me to get ready I need to get to school soon but first I'm gonna check my Instagram oh so many likes for my fans [Music] the ready now I need to go get dressed [Music] I'm gonna check out my closet to see what I'm gonna wear today but I already have something in mind [Music] cute now I'm gonna do my hair but I have my favorite yellow bow right here these high ponytails are hard to do so tight how perfect every time oh gotta get on my shoes [Music] so comfy uh maybe I'll wear a little blush today why not [Music]

a little bit more blush I think I'm getting a little carried away with it okay and maybe a little mascara as well [Music] now I think I'm really ready I'm gonna go grab breakfast in the school cafeteria with my friends Jojo come on okay mom coming can I get my backpack ready for a good day at school I hope oh I forgot to clean up my makeup I guess I'll just do it when I come back come on we're gonna be late okay coming hi guys stop you're tickling me give me five more minutes [Music] Oh time to wake up and go to school thanks for waking me up you're such a good girl riff oh you're probably hungry that's weird teacher's pet is still sleeping teachers that wake up I think she fell asleep studying for her test teachers that wake up you're gonna be late for class what oh no it's okay you still have some time to get ready oh I can't see anything where are my glasses okay much better I was up all night studying I fell asleep with my laptop in my books I know big test today huh big test

more like huge test who's the cutest puppy you are here's your food are you gonna get some breakfast not yet I have to study a little bit more if I want to be a teacher I need to pass this test [Music] my bed is organized my puppy ate her breakfast please on chew on teachers bed slippers hey those are my favorite slippers okay well I'm gonna go get ready what do I feel like wearing today I don't know hmm got some short t-shirt and a leather jacket that outfit will look perfect for band practice later oh oh who's calling hey punk boy I know we have been practice at 12:00 of course I'll be there alright bye was that punk boy uh-huh yeah The Rock Club is meeting later for a band practice Oh punk boy is so cute oh you had a crush on him since we were little kids anyway I need to go get dressed and I need to go back to studying just get my outfit ready I love this outfit you like my outfit what do you think [Music]

do my hair [Applause] [Music] looks really good now I can do my makeup I have all of my makeup in this bag I have some foundation I'm gonna put some blush mmm that looks good now I'm gonna use some eye shadow this brown eye shadow is nice [Music] perfect some lipstick and the final touch some mascara looks good ahh I'll clean up the mess later okay I'm almost finished I'm gonna get a dress real quick and then we can go to Starbucks I would love a latte to start my day I'm gonna take my puppy for a walk while you get ready okay sure come on puppy it's a really nice day out let's go for a walk I'm gonna take my puppy out for a walk while you get dressed okay sounds good whoa she made a huge mess oh I need to get my toothbrush [Music] [Music] what should I did to my hair it looks kind of crazy oh I have an idea I'm trying to put my hair up until a little bun my signature look but it's just it's

not coming out right I don't want to be late for school anybody else has problems on their hair in the morning oh it's so hard this is as good as it's gonna get today my clothes are you ready yeah I just have to get my backpack in my books and we can go okay my backpacks here I'm ready let me get my backpack all right let's go let's go catch the bus let's way here oh there it is we're at school good luck on your test thank you I'll see you later I'll see you at lunch bye [Music]