03 January 2014

Barbie Dream house 2013 Doll house tour

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to the tour of the Barbie Dreamhouse

2013 these are the doors of the Barbie house so let's get started once you open these here is the elevator the elevator goes up four three stories there is a working pull pull string and it folds in and out so let's move on to the kitchen so here we have Stacie opening the fridge she's the old version of Stacie not the new version by the layer like that out um here we have the dog bowl with his bone in it here is the recycling then pull all the silverware and we also have the oven set which opens that comes with cake and then also a turkey that pulls out the oven does light up you can see that in the flash um the thing I like about this house is that you can take the items and clip them on and they would stay there you use some solid and then here's the blender which does work and then you can pull this off and on and the cover does come off is the dishwasher we have a bunch of pots and pans and then some plates and then here's the refrigerator let's hold all the food we have some milk eggs mustard soda I'm sure Burt ice cream sundae lemon juice and berries oh yeah so that's the kitchen

so here we have the dining room the dining room has um some pink chairs but only two um then again they have some flowers and then you can flip this over you guys might see this in the Walmart one this one come to pass we also have a chandelier that can clip on into any room and then we have some vases and then popcorn and then there's some shelves with some wine glasses and fruit and flops and picture can and tea set so yeah so that's the dining room then moving up to Barbies bedroom here we have Ryan it is old version of Ryan from 2009 um he's playing his guitar um we have this little balcony area with this rounded fact here we have Barbies bed it comes with a pillow this is from a super-wide toy it was too small for my cousin now I get to use it for a tablet here's Barbie's pajamas laid out on her bed and then it comes with the up blanket and a pillow and I can move all this and then you can slide this out and it would be like a trip on the treble and so it has an extra bed for guests that was just Ken who failed but yeah so we'll be back living you up to the next floor moving up into the nursery and

living room here we have Ken taking care of the babies set him down um here we have the nursery table with a bottle sippy cup and then a little clipboard you have a pot right there and then we have two little car seats from Strawberry Shortcake set this is from the nursery Barbie doctor set I had to fix it on the side and then here is baby girl and then a baby boy and then when you move this they Rock that's the nursery so moving on into the living room here we have a little Barbie Award here's the TV it moves up and down and you can change the channels from narrows to a video game to a video game to like a fish documentary so Barbie award and then here we have a little candle stuck with a Barbie logo on it here we have a fireplace I'm going to shelf with a teddy bear a base up diary and some books and then a plant in a guitar here we have skipper um this is an Alex tall by either a skipper and my little laptop she's playing on and then here's the sofa table and then the couch here's their dog baby taffy the puppy version of taffy and she's on her bed let's move on to the walk-in closet before we go um here's where the

elevator would be on the third floor and then on the second floor here's the elevator would be so yeah so here's the walk closet um we have some Monster High purses and stuff in here but it's also to store Barbie stuff we have a Barbie comb right there this is also the fashioned elevator so it does move up and down but it is recently not working right now because it's being stubborn but it does move up and down did you see so yeah um but anyways here we have some shoes and then some purses and then some sunglasses and more little shoes these are mostly boots and then these are um high heels here we hold all the dresses and some big purses like this here we have honest coat from frozen and then just some random dresses and then here we have Kelly Kelly or Chelsey one of those two um um here we have another pot and then here's the vanity it can turn into a desk if you'd like it to we have some perfume bottles you have some perfume bottles here in here and then a brush a necklace and a makeup thing it opens and then some more makeup here we have the seat and then Chelsea and kelp Chelsea or

Kelly again the store does open and it is recently holding Ana's um hat and gloves and then the brush we have the silver purse that came with the house and these pink shoes also came with a house and then this is from ever after high and this is from Monster High so yeah so let's move down to the bathroom so here's the bathroom as you can see the elevators stuck I believe but this is where the elevator comes down here's Barbie herself um Mac plays music when she steps on it this is just a little button on the toilet flushes here's a little blow-dryer it does clip on but when it clips on it kind of looks weird so I just leave it off and the toilet seat goes open and closed here's a little duck umm this does not open and then music plays out of here and this um sounds like Barbies singing and then when you press this button the light turns on makes cool drinks out and then in the shower we had just have some shampoo and stuff and then a soap bar this down here is where the batteries go down here in the shower on the bottom it goes that's where the batteries go we have a little towel right here and then yeah so stuff

so here's an overview we have top floor the middle floor and the bottom fold hope you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up comment down below and subscribe to my channel bye