10 February 2019

Barbie Puppy Dogs Pets Series 3 Blind Bag Figures Opening Toy Review

Today we have the new Barbie Puppy Dogs Pets blind bag figures to open with you. In this series you can collect some adorable new puppy friends. They are ...

hello guys today in kitchen cause we got

our beautiful Barbie she's a diva hi guys how are you some Pat yeah oh I love to travel you know I seen everywhere in different cities but I get really lonely so I would love to have some animal friends on the road with me are we ready to open them up yeah I can do the splits in a dress and I amazing or what five Barbie pets blind bags this is amazing hi Lottie and Barbie Barbie are you happy with these fun bags you might have five different pets I hope we don't get a duplicate we got tuxedo cat cheap dog have that ease Norfolk Terrier rag doll Xiao Chuang the Samoyed Pomeranian a husky a bulldog or a tiger oh we could get the rare glitter kitty I really want the rare glitter kitty it's purple and shiny oh my gosh I hope we get it guys do you are you ready to open it Barbie yeah pets blind bags are ready to open up our first one we got a kid I'm so happy we got the tuxedo kids yes I'm so happy we got a cat Barbie are you happy are you ready for your first animal you know will you love me forever I will you will I can't wait to travel with you

Barbie here we got our next Barbie pet a little dog with a bow it must be another girl this is how bunnies we got another girl for you you got a kitty and a puppy now hi words here you go ready kitty meow meow meow I didn't do anything wrong sometimes kitty it's like to be the only ones around here we're gonna open up our third blind bags another puppy oh and she's another girl she's so cute so we got four from the top line so far it's the Norfolk terrier oh we got all girls hi guys I like this thing - look at me I'm like an actress can I come with you on your big show yeah I can't yeah I'll come here and join the other girls all the ones with the bows how does when I open up our fourth blind bag and my girl too but I don't have a bow this is that don't tickle hi can I come with you on your show yeah thank you so they're the other cuts we didn't get any duplicates guys this is awesome this is our last flight back hawawa it is the Chihuahua we got no duplicates yeah four dogs and one cat awesome so far these five new pets to join the show we can name all of them whatever you like oh you guys are so adorable thank you so

much for the pets doll have some friends to come with me on the road thanks for watching was a snake eyes on kids room toys this is the Barbie and the Barbie surprise pets we got five different ones for the collection so Barbie will have toys to play with please don't forget to subscribe to our channel kids stream toys