27 August 2014

Basic Cat Supplies

So here is a video for new (or soon to be) cat/kitten owners.

hi everyone so today I thought I'd show

you some of the basic but essential supplies you'll need before bringing your cat or kitten home so first thing you'll need is high quality camp food make sure you go for the more pricier because the cheap food tends to be really bad quality and not help your cat your girl is currently fed on ions and the whiskers in jelly and she's really happy on the dashes on I recently changed a bunch of the ions and if anyone wants to do a campaign video then let me know and I will do and what it's always good to keep your food in a container so they just a song so the second thing you're going to need is toys a quite a lot of people think that toys are essential for happily definitely are M of the Y's they'll just get bored and they need to eat occupied so here is Google's toy box she has all sorts in here from tree balls and and mice and just toys that I found the soft toys and here's my brothers made a toy out leather you have to be expensive the bajas turns and bonded by the spoon shop a bit of paper and wrote for hair but you can go out life and cats and blue bar specially those and teaser toys

like this and but again they don't have to be expensive you can make them yourself and like I have done here I found it out moulds toy think I found this in the car and and I touched it to down with some string and some sellotape and she just goes crazy for it and here's just a a piece of fabric that I've tied together and I'm going to throw that for her and she'll have tons of fun so yeah they don't have to be expensive at all and here's blue balls favorite toy which is her don't know what this is called Berlin like a ball that spins around with a pom pom and she just has so much fun and putting a pause in here and spinning the ball around like we get cat trees that oh my god and scratch which i think is really good for an indoor cat and because they together closed down and so toys can be anything but there definitely an essential for your car so the next thing you'll need is a bowl here's just blue bars pink double wall which I use to keep her dry food and water in it's really important that you supply your cat with fresh water at all times and then you change it once or twice a day and your hero

blue balls and IIMs food so yeah you can get any volume you suppose in your kitchen or your outline and a special cat bowl you can even get one so that are personalized with your cat's name on it and stuff which i think is really cute so the next thing you're going to need is a brush you need a brush whether your cat short hair or long hair it doesn't matter you still need a brush and to shiny mats or anything in its fair and also when you cast molting it does help if you don't love fur everywhere in your house and this is just a simple one I've had this week years I don't know where it's from when you can buy them at pretty much any pet shop and or online so the next thing you're going to be needing is cat meds this is my favorite part and if you're wondering why I have a very strange obsession with cat beds buying them making them whatever it is and here's just one that I made a really simple bed pink inside and leopard print on the outside I think it's super cute and that has to be blue balls for your bed and then she's got this one which is a strawberry one that I bought off eBay I think it's about seven pounds of

something cat Pez can get quite pricey if you want really nice ones and inside here she's just got a fleece is from Poundland or somewhere so you don't have to spend much money at all and then also inside there I made a little and fleece mat to go inside so she can have extra comfort and this bed's really great price you can follow it up and store it and it's really cute obviously but blue-ball must have about six beds at the moment and and I will be adding to the collection very soon cat beds are important although and people might think that it's fine for your cat to go and curl up on your bed and it's important for your cat to have its own space where it can relax and be comfy and like I said and I have many of them and Bluebell loves every single one and so yeah so the next thing you're going to need is a cat carrier and you'll need one for when you bring your cat home and when you take your cat to the vet this is just bluebells really old four past one it's just really simple and design so final thing to Train it's really important the young cat has somewhere to go to the toilet and blue bulb doesn't actually have less

to Trey at the moment or if she does I can't find it anywhere but she did have them when we brought her home but now she's trained to you your outside to go to the toilet and if for any reason you have to stay inside for a long period of time like just and go buy one more use the bottom of her career but yeah it's really important that you have one when you bring your cat home position if your cuts going to be an outdoor cat they would be able to go outside straight away because they need to get used to things I hope you enjoyed the video and learn something new and make sure you like and comment and subscribe and if you haven't already go check out my contest and the link will be in the description box and if you want me to film any videos in more detail of some of the projects and just let me know and I will do five