02 November 2019

Basic pet care information

Learn what basic things you might want to know about your small animals.

hey guys it's Sophie and today I am

going to be showing you how to sort and store your pet care information and also what information you might want to find out over your animals so let's go [Music] so I basically just have this file where I store all of my information up by my guinea pigs so well I have a setup like is um just like a divider um and then you can just put each animals information in behind this now this works with lots of different animals not just guinea pigs so if you've got horses donkeys hamsters rabbits gerbils anything then it's or reptiles as well then it is good to keep your information in case you need to take them to the vet and you need that information so today I'm gonna be showing you what you might need to know so I'm gonna be weighing them and a few other things so let's go half we forgot we've just got the scales in the Box now we're gonna go on ways again one weight room you know and he weighed 1,200 241 grams and so here he is so now I'm gonna go and get the next guys so the information that I have gotten today is pretty basic and it's just the width of the guinea pigs and this is

something that you'll want to do sort of once a month at the Mart like the list so you could do it like as often as you want but do it at least once a month I'm just gonna set you guys down so I can get the paper rip date so basically what we're just gonna do is I'm gonna take this and I'm going to write on it and this is Romeo so I'm gonna write on it October 20 19 and then you punch a hole punch it put it in his section of the file I'm gonna write his way on there every month at least so that we know would be ways and a little basically just do the same thing for Willow and Oreo this is just the basic piece of information and but you're going to need to make sure you also record things like if you ever get any medicine prescribed to you from the vet you like full copy a little sticker that goes around the ball like peel it off and stick it in there section of your file because this paper is blank because if you don't record it then it means that the event might not remember just the vet has like loads and loads and loads of after and also if they ask you have have we prescribed this to you before then did y'all not know if you

don't have a record then you're just going by memory and you might not remember so it's important that you record as like every information like if your animals ever get sick make sure you record the symptoms that they're having so that whenever like say your parents are gonna ring me that for you then they know what to tell them so now I basically my father just has like just got Romeo and then Romeo's lip which is one thousand two hundred and forty-one grams then it says for you I'm early which is nine hundred and thirty six perms and well her wit which is 1166 grams Mayweather an Oreo sisters but willow eats a lot more than Oreo Oreo doesn't really put on weight so that's just why they're different so yeah searching guys hope you enjoyed this video if you did then please like it and subscribe if you want to be notified every time I post them press the little grey bell beside the subscribe button to be notified every time that I post a video and if you have any ideas or would like any like if you want to ask me any questions then comment them down below and I might do a Q&A video in the future um so yeah

I hope you enjoyed the video