10 September 2019

Bath my new service dog puppy and more

hey guys this is my retired service -

look this is my puppy in training and that rain boy right now she's our throats over just unbeatens and high training there's a little room things are done but right now it's sort of the mess in here cleaned up my bathroom we are going to bathe your puppy is work playing with those kids are gonna watch it straight down and stuff shamefully Jeff it's working the water till your love oh no no just a oh it's not only know any doggie shampoo I'm using a new boot it's not model I use head in Jordan additional we have to do the pet store you make fishing for different definition because I'm smelling good looking he's perfect really good he just stinks I'm done so that's really strong shampoo and they're really strong smell I have it worked I will be right back I need some soap on him hey I started this [Applause] Amy because midget already hot something of our dogs and many hot waters you can participate and become prey Zach uh-huh repeller you know I won't be coming you know I'm doing it in November I get a meter so I

will film that Dave you never see these are long and you know community long they take them back there they do surgery and then we leave and never come back couple hours later and stop in that day I would not have any solving things that day because qvm surgery and the answer is cover let me get you to the bathroom I'm a girl of burning them Tony serious Joey I see is that what you want you don't want puppies freaking out there's no water this mother thinks gonna happen air what's inside you put it in a water show that everyone even hasn't every time my mom hasn't seen the water but he ain't right and drinking it ain't right to be Xboxes get down this is when you think I'm sick sit good boy stay so I'm gonna be getting back and I'll be very bad all right guys he's all clean it's tied up so table don't give me for this he's just he's a puppy and puppies have accidents oh I'm still working on potty training it's only three months so he's looking at my drink um but he is doing very good we tie him up there so I know where he's at and he's not bring her in

the house acting like a maniac and I was like worried that I just went downstairs but um he's all clean he's a clean little boy when he went I tried to go poop and he pooped we're just a warmed room today so we don't all three of the dogs this one that one and I wanted Vicky's room Maxie that's my old service talking about Luna she comes here this is my retired service dog that's to me that's hurt she walks kind of funny to watch her walk he's a stiff so I retired her because I don't want a dog that has it hurt like you know what I don't bite his head off for that ball but that's it for this video guys please like subscribe hit that Bell more videos and I'll talk to you tomorrow