05 October 2015

Be the Change with Pet Adoption, Pet Health Insurance

Today's show focuses on pets! The Be the Change series features how to transform your family, community and pet through the gift of pet adoption; protect your ...

good morning everybody and welcome to

the balancing act we're so glad you joined us I'm Julie Moran I'm gonna be a pretty well today our show is going to the dogs literally but in the best way that's right our be the change series it's just doggone cute today and for a great cause as the petco foundation is helping empower communities to make a difference in the lives of animals by funding adoption program spay neuter services pet cancer research and service and therapy animals this is so cool Wow and when you have pets especially adopted ones it's important to consider a pet insurance I have it best thing I ever got gotcha it all starts right now on the balancing act stay with us mommy can we have the cat Mahatma Gandhi may have said it best you must be the change you wish to see in the world on today's be the change will discover how Gandhi's words are resonating with one company joining us is Suzanne Cogan executive director for petco foundation an organization dedicated to positive change for pets people and communities and with her are Bonnie and Clyde we are so excited you're here today oh thank you and we're also excited to be here your new motto for petco is love changes

everything right love changes everything you know it's three little words but they have a big meaning for us and you know it's really our love for animals that really drives us with a determination to make sure that we do everything that we can to make sure they have the best life ever and first and foremost we really believe that we have to make sure that all the animals and animal shelters throughout our country I'll get loving homes and I mean who wouldn't want to take Bonnie and Clyde oh my gosh can I hope I tied either one oh come in through my goodness goodness yeah you sit right here with me now there must be so many deserving pets out there how many are really in need of homes well there's usually about seven and a half million animals that come into shelters every year about five million of those are looking for homes and we really work with our shelters and our nonprofit organizations throughout the country to come up with community solutions and help animals get adopted so you know we've over time since we since the petco foundation has been around we've invested 130 million dollars Wow incredible for you yeah and

we have animals available for adoption in our 1400 Petco stores throughout the country you can go and if you're looking for a new rent or a new love in your life you could just go there and you know we visited one of your stores in South Florida and let's talk about Petco's adoption days love love to hear about that well every day is actually an adoption day for cats at most of our Petco stores so we have cats always available at Petco we also have some of our stores that have adoption centers large centers that have cats dogs puppies kittens available my passion and then on the weekends we work with our partners to bring in even more animals we've been trying to really identify some new innovative ideas and solutions so we've been working with one company that has a facial recognition technology for pets to help reunite lost pets and help them get back to their owners we've invested in another organization that's developed a cat cafe and this is where you know you can go and get your tea and something to eat but yes there's a room with cats available a very important part of this has to be spay/neuter incorrect

absolutely and you know if you adopt an animal they're usually already spayed and neutered your own scent and in cancer research also for petco is a big priority it is it you know cancer is the number one disease related killer of pets and so we've invested over six million dollars through the year in in universities and clinics to help them research that the causes and to find cures for for cancer we've also invested in organizations that help people that are in need that may not be able to afford the cancer treatments and I just want to say I might just have to take but what do adoptive parents need to know I like to say first and foremost when you bring a pet into your home enjoy that experience some of them may be a little bit shy a little bit uncertain just came a little time be patient Oh bunny and how can our viewers you know make a difference and be part of be the change everyone can be the change by its small acts big acts everyone can be part of it so if you're if you wanted a new a new pet we encourage everyone to adopt if you can't adopt you can foster just maybe take one in your home temporarily and it could be

little things like if you find an animal in your neighborhood you know knock on the doors of your neighbors and see if it's their pet and just bring it right home and really help your community we think it's a community coming together and we will be able to solve this issue and find all the animals oh my gosh is in this is my favorite segment and may have ever done little bunny is licking me and she's just being a little doll I just thank you so much for coming in there's so much we can do and pets really do bring us all together don't think they really do because their love changes everything hey Russ everything thank you so much Thanks so great to have you here and remember there's additional information on this life-saving program at thebalancingact.com or share with us your favorite pet adoption stories make us laugh make us cry by logging onto facebook forward slash the balancing act fans well this is no surprise pet people are happier people how much happier well according to psychology today a lot happier studies show pet parents have greater self esteem are less lonely even

more physically fit love you here oh that's my buddy and that is until your beloved pet gets sick and you have to deal with the emotional and financial stress of life-saving veterinary care and dr. Craig Galbraith chief veterinary advisor with pet health and 24 pet watches here to help along with our pet guests champagne welcome thank you for hi she's being such a good girl awesome day beauty yes so tell me dr. Craig I mean how do you really deal with you know thinking about the well-being of your pet and and also your pocketbook yeah the biggest way is thinking about purchasing pet insurance absolutely and what are some of the misconceptions people really have about pet insurance well there's a few the biggest is that people think that pre-existing conditions are covered and what that means is pre-existing addition is something that your pets been symptomatic forward diagnosed with or treated for before you got the pet insurance so it's always best to ensure as soon as possible to avoid having pre-existing conditions that aren't covered the other one is that people don't think that they need Pettitte

right so you don't know you need it until you really need it so people think that you know if they just take what they would pay a pet insurance premiums and set that aside every month that they can just rely on that to cover their their veterinary bills are the problem with that is you don't know when these things are going to come up so if you've only been saving for four or five months you may not have enough to cover that illness or actually just occur and if you need ongoing treatment for that then you've already used up your savings and you may actually have to dip into things and you know some of your other household bills may start to suffer as well and the last thing is you know like champagne here she's a bit older she's six eggs and people feel that if their pizza on the bill on the older side that they can't get pet insurance and it's only for puppies and kittens and that's just not the case good to know you can ensure a pet at any age of the earlier the better as always and even if they do have pre-existing conditions if they are older there's always room for pet insurance because you never know accidents can

always happened you You certainly have people come to you as a veterinarian with a tragic situation a very very sick dog and then you have to talk to them about medical costs and and that can be a really challenging situation I'm sure absolutely you know as a veterinarian when you're dealing with uninsured pets the conversation can be mostly about the finances yeah which can be very difficult i mean when pets are sick it's an emotional experience a very stressful experience but when you have pet insurance the whole experience has transformed it's not what can I afford it's what's best for my pet and it just changes everything for everybody of course you're not putting that position of him making a financial decision about your pet you can actually what what's the best feel what my options what are my options so how do we determine which pet insurance policy is right for for me or for our viewers and that's probably the biggest challenge with pet insurance so the one thing I can tell people is make sure you're comfortable asking lots of questions asking what does the coverage actually look like and for that coverage can I make changes to my

co-payment my deductible so that i can get my premium down to where it can fit into my budget you know there's accident insurance acts and only accident and illness coverage so make sure you know what the policy looks like is there other optional types of coverage is available like wellness things like vaccines microchips right that was under stay what else can we do to protect our pet I mean I haven't done the microchip that's terrible I don't go do it if for those who have pets already we're thinking about adopting up a new pet absolutely get the microchip that's one of the best ways that we can keep those pets with us in our families healthier longer so where's your folks go to find their new family member like champagne well the first place they should go is pitango calm pet health has one of North America's largest online pet adoption websites wonderful i love the name pitango i can remember it out yeah you go there what happens when you go there well you can just basically pick based on your area so you know you can set you know a radius for your search what kind of pet you're looking for or you can you can even set it to ask you lifestyle

questions about yourself to help you choose what pets and then they show you what's available in your area absolutely gives you the contact information for that shelter so you just reach out to them and then you make that connection so last year we adopted out over a million animals through our shelter partners yeah I don't know if I want to give my daughter this website yet yeah it can be addictive yeah I know well we hope that we've inspired you to go out and adopt one of these beauties like champagne millions of people have all you have to do is we just said it's go to pet tango calm and you can find adorable adoptable pets in your area thank you so much for coming in thank she is just you've only met her like two days right yeah and she's so locally here from the Florida Humane Society so champagne is adoptable she is adoptable oh my gosh alright and to get more peace of mind and protection for your pet head over to 24 pet watch calm or go to the balancingact.com you can also follow us on facebook and twitter as well thank you so much she was just fantastic thank you good dental health isn't just for those

family members who walk upright it's also for our four-legged friends or dogs and cats and this morning we're focusing on good dental hygiene for our pets joining us for a lively discussion Lisa Hoover director of tartar shield products good morning hi thank you for having I'm so glad you're here because I gotta tell you I learned a big lesson about six months ago I got spanked by my vet because I wasn't really protecting my dog when it came to her teeth and let me tell you why I was taking her to get the shots and everything but not concerned so much about the dental hygiene until I realized wow it is important right it's very important and it's preventable it's the number one commonly diagnosed problem in pet to periodontal disease or gum disease and it's completely preventable but it is painful for pet it is and she actually was uh was she was put under when they cleaned her teeth but the vet was kind of just talking to me and st. just like you you need to do your exercise and protect your kids and and nutrition in the family same goes yeah it's it's just as important to a pet health for good dental hygiene as it is as their

nutrition or their proper exercise and what happens I mean what happens to their teeth I know you brought some models how does it happen and what goes on in their team if you don't brush their teeth that the food accumulates on their teeth mixes with the saliva and bacteria and that causes this right here yes if it forms plaque and then it hardens into tartar and if left untreated the bacteria will enter the pockets around the teeth in the gum line and flow throughout the bloodstream it will affect the heart the lungs the kidneys and we're down those organs with time so and is it the safer cats as well as dogs it's the same they have the same symptom they'll have red swollen gum bleeding gum brown yellow teeth and bad breath yeah and that was happening to my Ruby now I know I mean I know you can brush your pet's teeth but again I mean who has the time and it's hard I mean Ruby won't sit still for me right right right it some pet will not allow you to brush their teeth and some people don't take the time or don't have the time but it's nice to give them a treat that will benefit there health and let's talk about that we have

I know a couple examples i'm going to hold these up what are these well those are standard rawhide strips dogs love rawhide but they tend to choke on them swallow them whole our product is much safer it's extruded rawhide so it's been all chopped in min so you don't have to worry about the choking obstruction or breaking teeth and it prevents harder by over fifty percent how does it help in terms of the dog will chew on it and what works what actually wanted they will actually eat this up and it's a bo HC approved product the veterinary oil Health Council has approved this product for tartar control anybody can just put on their package freshens breath cleans teeth but if you can prove it with clinical studies set to their protocol then you earn the seal of approval with the vo HC and tartar shield is the only a rawhide product that does have this approval and obviously i wouldn't give this to my daughter she's so tiny i can cut it up from you can just break those into this is the thighs for a large dog here so they just snap into and it's like a i guess it's like a treat for them but I see Daniel doing something good yeah the bacon-flavored they will

love it so it's nice to give them something that will benefit them that they love to and you can do this daily yep gaily okay and of course take them to the vet at least once a year to do that dental you should take them to the vet once a year and cleaning at least once a year because half of the tooth is under the gum line oh so the bet has the proper tools to get under the gum line and give a thorough cleaning but while you're doing this daily you're also protecting the teeth on the outside right right and they will prevent tartar by over fifty percent so they'll keep them clean in between the dental cleaning okay thank you so much thank you for having to become a better better teeth cleaning for my dog and if you'd like to find out more about keeping your dogs and cats teeth and gums their healthiest please visit us at the website thebalancingact.com and as always you're invited to share your dog and cat experiences on this vital topic check us out on facebook get online and share you know it's the social pet loving thing to do good morning you know if there's a trend in the grocery aisle it's only a matter

of time before it hits the pet food aisle and why not we want the best for all members of our family including our beloved pets joining me to talk about the growing demand of gluten-free and grain free pet food is michelle dixon and health and nutrition specialist from pet Kurian welcome so glad to have you here I'm so happy to be here thank you julie gluten and grain free options are really trending right now because just like with people food our dogs and cats have allergies and dietary concerns as well in particular when people are choosing a grain free diet they often think that it's low carb but it's important to remember that no grain doesn't necessarily mean low carb the carbs it would be in those type of foods would also be something like peas potatoes tapioca something so what should we really watch out for yeah well food allergies can sometimes be contributed to grain people often think corn it is often a meat source of protein that causes an allergic reaction so because grains can be an excellent source of energy it's important to not necessarily eliminate that particular grain but perhaps eliminate the grain

that you know might be the potential allergen grains are a great way of contributing energy once they're cooked and ground good to know but what if our pets really do need to go grain or gluten free you know we offer a variety of grain free recipes for both dogs and cats in our goal okay are now lines in the goal line the sensitivity and shine recipe is formulated especially for pets with specific dietary needs and they're carefully prepared with a select meat protein unique carbs and essential omega oils okay so what about a love Pat all of it but what about the now line the now fresh recipes are packed with fresh ingredients wholesome berries fruits and vegetables they're one hundred percent grain and gluten free and they're specifically formulated for separate life stage of your dog and cat as well as for the dog breed size they're available in dry recipes and contain no rendered meat meal added by products or artificial preservatives Wow I mean that's of overwhelming and these wonderful information you clearly care a lot about your pets and you put a lot of thought into what goes into your products we're

dedicated to producing quality products with premium ingredients for pets everywhere oh thank you so much Michelle my little hero is going to benefit from this segment and there's lots more information on all their products including where to find them in your neighborhood at Pet Kurian calm and we'd love to hear from all of our pet lovers out there head to Facebook at balancing act fans to share your stories and your photos and check out balancingact.com thanks so much for starting your morning right here with us such great information on today show for all pet parents that's here that's right so true from our be the change series 2 helpful tips for our beloved animals always more information on our website thebalancingact.com we're also on Facebook we're also on Twitter Instagram I'd until the next time remember find your balance so long everybody