12 August 2019

Beach Vlog | Beach Dog Walking | Beach Swimming

Hey slayers ❤ This is my first time at the beach in Western Cape and there's something cleansing about the beach I hope you enjoy the video Thank you for ...

hi Slayers so today I'm going to the

beach I'm gonna be slaying it'll be huge swimming and doing everything that everybody gotta do it to be tried and yeah I just hope their pitches at the beach get it pitches at the beach yeah I'm comes to beach and come with me and this trip vlog let's flop by the page and shoot everybody else and hey now hello have an understanding of the beach off a day hey come through so stay tuned and I'll be vlogging almost layers out they come up bitch look already so I'm come to the page look nighters hello hello hey now have an understanding have an understanding gonna see you soon Eloise Eloise which guys so hey I wish yep working with the dog at the beach and doing the teams okay okay hello we made it we made it do the king hey now have an understanding do you see the things they are beautiful seashells every we like everywhere you go you find them seashells like [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] hey okay let's go

[Music] [Applause]