09 October 2013

Beagle Puppies LOL Tiny Playing AKC Puppy Miniature Mini Beagles Playful For Sale

Beagle Puppies LOL Tiny Playing AKC Puppy Miniature Mini Beagles Playful For Sale http://www.BeaglesPocket.com This is a video of our newest litter of ...

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up here Montana these are the newest litter of beagle puppies that are now eight weeks old eight weeks old tomorrow as you can see they are full of energy to with the most white and the tube with the less weigh him are the two males Dobie Dobie Dobie beagles pocket calm let's go to tiny bingo calm I'll have new pictures of them up here shortly as you can see they're just friendly and full energies could be huh she seems to be the most friendly I just had a bath in their little dance - are you doing [Music] two males going at it there hi buddy are you doing well you're doing they're born on 8 - and today is September October first oh yeah they're almost exactly two months some of our other websites one owner car guy calm for classic cars and all the cars that we sell saw camels calm for stock related info and penny stocks and stuff that he buys I'm harm they're not calm for health and fitness couple new ones movie Cars guy calm his name is one owner car got home right now HUS car parts car guy calm we just got started

visit all those and of course W David W at serial marshmallows calm for Syria marshmallows that we sell but make sure to visit beagles pocket comm see all the pictures of them previous leaders that we have I'm all their moms and dads we still have three puppies left over from the last litter they're probably six weeks older than these guys you can see Fran these can be we work with them every day we're out there playing with them females males tv-news biting their heel I have five bucks on the one with the most one five bucks they say they will be for sale here real soon they're just old enough I'm gonna be getting their shots and then they will be good to go hey buddy hi yours take another carpet as they run they're not used to being on the carpet all right huh all right how about do it steam you can go to Fiegel Sparky calm or tiny beagles calm these be the same websites ever designed these beagles pocket comm is the best one I guess I'm still had three puppies from the last litter and look on our website they're numbered there's a looter born on 6 16 13 we have 1 3 & 5

left all the females this theater is 2 & 2 he said his friend these can be all right huh say goodbye again this hero is that one owner right calm slipped it to marshmallows furnace calm you got over w0 marketing then be no packing.com hey you probably for reals this thing all right you