03 November 2019

Become a House Sitting Pro Course Overview

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my name is Vanessa and my name is Ian

and we're here to introduce you to the ham sniffing lifestyle yeah some of you might be asking what is house-sitting well it's quite simple really you look after someone's home and pets farther away and in return you get a place to stay for free we call it a value exchange and it's a win-win-win for the homeowner you the sitter but most importantly for the parents absolutely yeah the pets win every turn but that's when I actually started out as homeowners at that time we were hoping to escape the rat race and live a simple travel lifestyle but we needed to figure out how to do that I didn't we yeah and and we've realized the answer is actually staring us in the face we've been using house sitters to look after our property and pets so we thought why can't we do the same as them it was one of those lightbulb moment yeah we set off his house it is in 2013 and this meant our accommodation was paid for our utilities too and sometimes we were even given the use of a car to fund this lifestyle we needed much less money than before each month but finding the best way to earn a remote income involved quite a bit of trial and error

didn't they yeah we dabbled in this and that and we finally settled on teaching English which we first did in China and then online now we produce house-sitting magazine which informs and educates others about the house-sitting lifestyle yeah and it's been really amazing to see how house-sitting has changed our lives and in ways we never really imagined perhaps that can be what happens to you too perhaps you're a retiree or maybe dreaming of early retirement maybe you're a remote worker or a family world schooling your kids how sitting could be part of the answer you've been looking for you could be on the way to creating your own dream lifestyle yeah when you need far less money to sustain your life it opens up all sorts of possibilities doesn't it our M now is to help you achieve this whether as a full-time way of life or just to enjoy more travel for less money we want to help you live your life with the freedom to make the choices you want yeah but you might be thinking how city can't be that difficult but really to be a credible sought-after houses these days you do need to understand some of the best practices and as

house-sitting becomes more popular you need to develop some of the strategies to get ahead of all the growing competition yeah there are many potential pitfalls you could do as we did and I spend a couple of years learning through trial and errors or you could spend days weeks or even months trolling the internet for relevant information there is plenty of it out there online but it's hard to separate the good advice from the bad I think much of it can be very misleading yeah that's so true and when we started out houses and was relatively new there were a lot less people applying for suits now sits in popular locations can have a hundred or more applications I think if we were beginning now we'd find it much harder to get started successfully yeah we would I think yeah that's why we put this video course together so that you can shortcut all of that research that we did we want to put you on a fast track to understanding the best techniques for getting houses that meet your expectations right from the start so what's in this course well we cover all the techniques used by successful sitters who are now extending

their retirement budgets working as digital nomads or simply enjoying longer vacations around the world you'll learn all our top tips and our strategy is to secure the bests it's over and over you know with the right mindset and a logical well presented series of actionable steps you'll quickly learn how to become a credible house sitter yeah we'll show you which websites offer the best tips for your needs how to get references even as a newcomer and how to create a profile that will set you apart we cover what to say in your application and all the questions you should ask before access bonuses oh yeah and this is important because they can help you identify any red flags and that might tell you that a sit should be avoided then we explain what's involved at the handover and that's the time when you first meet the homeowners and the pet we also tell you what to do at the sit in order to guarantee a great reference when the owners return we even help you expand your skill set to secure more unusual house it's in some stunning worldwide locations yeah but this course isn't just about watching videos we've got a lot of

information a lot of downloadable info to share with you and that could includes messages email templates checklist resources and importantly actionable steps and to keep you supported we have our own large house sitting community on Facebook where you can come along and share your experiences your progress and connect with thousands of other like-minded sitters as Vanessa says taking actions the important thing but if you're responsible trustworthy and have a genuine love of animals you're going to love this course and the lifestyle it can help you create if you like the idea have been part of an exchange built on trust not money then you'll certainly find this a very satisfying way to travel and it's also immensely rewarding I think to give pet owners their own chance to get away on vacation I love that part of it and really how sitting can change the way you live your life it has for us and in so many different ways so let's get started right now join us by clicking the button below and you'll soon be on your way to securing all the tools or the resources you'll get the

skills everything you need to help you experience for house-sitting lifestyle for yourselves