12 August 2019

Behind-the-Scenes of a Prairie Dog Shoot | VLOG

Behind-the-Scenes of a Prairie Dog Shoot | VLOG Get ready for an explosive time in today's behind the scenes VLOG as the team shoots an episode of “The ...

out of your body key for in here you're

about to see one of our behind the scene vlogs [Music] [Music] so yesterday I wound up going to North East Texas picked up a bunch of alfalfa and I got the crew out here today we're fixing to put in the barn the reason why were there loading it on this trailer off the other traders because the trailer I got it on so big we can't get it into the entrance so we got to put on a baby trailer everybody hungry critters all right so we got a bunch of work done today and right now I'm gonna introduce you to everybody kind of got a little party going on here it's a just a bunch of people that work with us there's been say hi Ben okay Michelangelo is right there there's this girlfriend right there and then who else we got here Andrew and his wife everybody right there and then let's see who we got over here oh there's Johnny course there Johnny and then okay stay with me okay I couldn't do what I do without all these folks here there's Luke there's Austin right don't rot Austin okay I'll tell your mom on you okay and

then who okay we got Christie and Megan where is she and Cheyenne there you go anyway this is a this is our crew and we're gonna have we're doing some burgers tonight some jalapeno poppers and we're just gonna have a good time and go look at some deer that's all about close the door all right look look who's first in line do it alright so this this day hadn't started off real good we wound up we got to the airport there was a long line and mr. flight so we're on standby for the next flight and we were supposed to be landing in Rapid City at 10 o'clock this morning I guarantee that's not gonna happen hopefully we'll get there today or a fix I'm fine now well we wound up we were on standby no we missed that flight so we're gonna stand by for the next one the guy says well we'll see if we can get you on that one and then he said they're all right there I don't know what's right there means we'll see all right so we we finally made it we're in the Rapid City South Dakota and we've got about a 200-mile Drive due north right now we got a pilot killer there's Tyler say hi Tyler Tyler is with Timothy

capitalism and Johnny you're right there and we're waiting for the rain to stop so we can go get the rental vehicle and we gotta find gear gear just gonna be gears together knows what he's doing on this trip so we got to go find hamburgers what you got there gate Oh have fun little toy Timber Creek rides are super nice Timber Creek furniture on it tan a nice sight mark scope let's go shoot that coyote we got eight rounds so hopefully I can make it out you guys see him I see him using the other side of the trees those trees over there on that hey Marty go ahead and start slowing down where's he at Tyler I see the dogs oh I see going hot well he is really moving put him stop he won't stuff he said he said when he's shooting at him before Lawson there he is the right all right so we didn't get that coyote the next kind of critter we have is around us and this is the epitome of black lives matter that's right black lives matter all right who crapped on the road it's

time for lunch and Scott's got much set up over here and we can't get the free dogs to warning I'm gonna show you what prairie dogs look like when they're dead yep that one's dead I'm gonna introduce you to a buddy of mine right here there's Scott bought my Dakota Prairie outdoors I've known Scott for a little better than 10 years and together we have killed thousands Emily mm I mean we and and what what somebody's sermoning me oh well okay well let me get this the way it's done here see we've got a mobile rig right here okay and these are high fence prairie dogs just for your information I'll have more on that baby no Scott if you would tell them about these high-pitched prairie dogs so you know we have a four wire fence around the entire perimeter here and as you can see you can flip your camera they don't go across that fence right there prairie dog town regular path right yeah - sprays very dog hunting they can't get over it I love it sometimes under it don't got a problem then let me hear from you so Garrett how do you think he killed today so you may be wondering what

happened he's prairie dogs they are consumed every one of them what happens it at nighttime the Coyotes will come out here and they will feast on the prairie dogs and they like it a lot yeah it is amazing how there are some people that don't like this and I guess you know that's okay because there's a lot of things I don't like but I'm thinking what for the guys that like this kind of thing this is pretty cool right here so Garrett you've never done this for how you liking this I'm having fun I'm really enjoying it and Tyler what do you think about it I don't think there's anything you can do with more trigger time I mean I don't shoot this much longer the range now the cool deal is you don't even have to look to know the ones gotten hit because you hear pop seriously they pop it's lots of pop going on [Music] so there's a lot of cactus around here and I'm gonna show you something we wound up Tyler has been trying to crawl up to a prairie dog to get a real close shot I'm gonna show you what Tyler's doing right now stupidly but this is a warning your last warning

hey Tyler what are you doing so we've been over here shooting video and I looked over 1/4 inch and leave about an 8-inch broken off on the outside and it's like a fishhook the taxidermy is gonna be happy with this one oh yeah that's a nice one a nice fat one too you want to know what it's like hunting with Keith Warren so we got to ramp this up Tyler tell everybody about your first prairie dog sheet what do you think of it and it was tough it was long hours it was hot lots of mag loading but the best part was all the killing okay Garrett I want to hear about it tell her buddy it was fun it was definitely a target-rich environment I had a lot of fun got to do a lot of shootin get my trigger finger a little workout and give I'm a glutton thummell work out so yeah good time all right and here's Johnny still working tell everybody what you thought your first period oh I loved it I think I might have enjoyed it more than them watching them in the screen or the camera was pretty cool so Scott so don't tell we're out of the gate you tell

everybody how you thought about it okay what you think about it you know how it is Keith I mean every time you guys come up here it's a blast you know why don't you stop that's what we were done well you said we're done but Scott didn't I thought you was in charge hey don't don't leave the gate no more you can shoot better it is okay tell him what we started when she said yeah what's there free right for everyone you hit it's free for everyone that you miss you owe me five bucks I think Keith you're up to about 7,000 yeah my rifle stays like this thank you thank you bringing me up oh my gosh thank you tend to creep here all over thank you I love this thing man I'm good for you headshot excellent for it good follow me a shot great fantastic thank you yeah I know it's broken oh yeah I got a couple mags for you a couple 20 rounders in the other room okay good but this is the gun case and I look forward to to popping a bunch of stuff with it do that look at that logo rise armament it's pretty cool huh pretty nice we're on our way back to the airport after a long

trip yeah there's Tyler back there and he's been that way for the last two hours of course we'll never put this online here tell everybody what that is oh it's a Wyoming Fish and Game Department I guess we're gonna figure out if we do or not last year I did not draw initially and it was the first time I put in for a tag we went to the leftovers essentially and I got one and then I got a really nice pronghorn so you're opening up two of them there one is yours and one is mine he's lucky here's mine what is it for beyond the one that your right hand is going for a new look a new line okay good yeah you got an eel loop - all right giddyup I wonder I guess we didn't draw for deer I guess not that's all right what do you think of that that's awesome makes it a lot easier than last year