08 November 2018

Biggie Pets DOGS ! LOL Surprise Mom + Color Change Baby Animals Blind Bags

can you see in there there's an only

different dog and each one of them are going to have puppies how many puppies are inside two or three are they just gonna be food baby we are gonna find out right now so this one we've got beautiful Dalmatian in this one who is this new puppy oh it's EJ k9 can you believe it they're gonna have puppies so have them come on out so they each actually have these little leashes that you can actually convert it and turn into little mini backpacks that I can you believe that each one of them is filled with surprises listen so underneath we can open them up oh it looks like it's in pieces Oh snoop it together and we've got a little wishbone and turn it into a charm this one oh we've got a little scooper this is what it feels like there's nothing in here oh it's just really really flat we've got a teeny teeny tiny a little pink color oh I cannot wait to see the puppies in this one we've got a pair of heart glasses another scooper Oh oh we got another little collar this one's all golden also have a little tablet and we've got a golden crown where are these puppies at

oh there's the blind bag and we have this little bandana whoop and we have a golden bone you can hear them you can cater for surprises but where are they we've got a pink scooper looks like a cat still lots of surprises inside of these dogs we've got another kitty scooper oh oh I thought it was a little Dalmatian but we've got a little Dalmatian bones oh I think I see this very very first little basket Wow okay I wonder what we're gonna find in here is it a puppy or is it just food oh we've got our sand Oh cracked a little bit take out with the scooper oh there's something fierce kinda looks like a cheeseburger no idea what that is just keep scooping can we get it out oh here comes here comes okay that is so cute is there anything else inside of this sand oh no nothing else I love the little hamsters so much so we can actually put these little glasses on her tube so they can totally wear the accessories what else do we have give him a shake there's a little basket and we've got this accessory and we've got oh we've got a little game charm I am so excited what is inside of this and

dig through the sand there's something already what is it oh we can actually dump it out smooth out the sand and it looks like she's extra precious I think she's just so cute with her little blonde hair she's got Moses oh you got two things this one up we've got a caller it's a little box that says three kittens on it that's filled with pink sand start taking it out oh we already hit it right there is it what is it pick away the sand is it a kitten I can't tell what it is but it is a pet it's not a food baby got a little paw Oh looks like a little kitten just kind of picking away oh I almost broke the tail it's a little bit easier for me to use the edge of the scooper and pick around the sand and around the pet come on out and we do have Tommy three adorable babies I'm so excited or what else are we gonna find let's give Dalmatian another shake Wow all of her surprises came out oh we've got a little tiny bow which we can easily snap a right on this little puppy all right what do we have babies our food and it looks looks like we can almost grab it we've got like a little

piece right here wait a minute let me take my little clip is this gonna work look at look at look at I totally clip the pet whatever it is I clipped it and pull it out can I pull it out of the sand here comes here comes to you little baby kitties on their belly she looks like she belongs in the same style family as a hamster so who else oh this one's kind of loose in here you can kind of just pop it right out oh and inside of here oh well you can put like a little collar on her or a necklace how about this golden necklace ooh there we go pearls for the pretty kitty so she looks very much like Dalmatian except for Dalmatians a dog oh so we found all the Dalmatians surprises now we need to continue with DJ canine oh I think this is everything so we've got a chain necklace a spinner gate and inside of this basket what we got that hot pink bubblegum Sam oh I think this is kind of loose enough to dump out to dump that out whoa oh there's something peeking but what is it it's kitty that looks just like her oh this is so cute they're so cute too cute I'm blown away with how

adorable everything is oh we even have a new checklist too let's see oh there's a whole bunch of new pets too you can see exactly who they are and what family they belong to so there's a new bunny there's a new kitty we did not find any of the food babies oh we've got some accessories for the Mamas tail we've got some pet collars and a pair of cool sunglasses now it's the color change so who has a color-changing baby did this cute little hamster and she color change right away and have it go away yeah oh look at that with her body and her hair - oh it's his canine and she color changes to a totally different cat no longer says canine on her what about this puppy dog she's getting a little outfit on her and her hair is color changing - Oh her hair totally color changed look at now now it's like blue Oh little vest on her color change back oh this Kitty's going totally totally pink little pink kitty - and Oh white kitty now we got the two kittens these little babies are super duper small do they color change at all oh no actually just sink to the bottom oh poor little kitties so they do not

color change just dip them in the warm water just to make sure no color change nope alright cookie fans I hope you enjoyed this lol biggy cut surprise if you want more big pets make sure you are subscribed you do not want to miss out on any of the biggie pet videos I actually do have two more of the pets so we're gonna see which little babies are on the inside so you don't want to miss that video with all the fun make sure you always see life completely full to the brim and I will see you guys in my next video see meaning kind of Japan's hey cookie fans wait a minute we're missing one of the babies can you tell which one is missing is it a kitty a dog a hamster which one I can't tell I can't remember cuz there's so many babies [Music]