07 October 2019

BISSELL Pet Foundation Rescue Road



st. Landry Parish Animal Control is located in southern Louisiana they are an opening take shelter they have to take anything that comes in and they do st. Landry Parish is 924 square miles usually we hold up to 250 to 300 dogs 60 to 100 cats 15 head of horses poultry is usually 20 plus we have a frog a tarantula goats you know it just it never stops it's a struggle every day from every angle the average dog that comes here is two years old and it's never seen a vet so of course you know these dogs come in and fester with fleas riddled with heart worms we see a high volume remains almost every dog that comes here is pregnant and it's just an ongoing endless cycle we were never built to maintain this volume of dogs but as the parish constantly grows and the change hasn't occurred the mindset we're just left in a horrible dilemma here they are the poorest parish in the state of Louisiana and they need help we as a group are there to help them so this is the start of rescue Road my idea for Operation Rescue Road was to bring everyone together to go down to st. Landry Parish a parish that I've

identified as needing a lot a lot of love a lot of care a lot of resources the Bissell pet foundation team Kathy Bissell in Animal Rescue core team enough with a few other trusted shelter partners to make a difference for these animals this is a pilot program that the bissell pet foundation and their partner groups got together to try to figure out a way to get the animals out of st. Landry Parish in Louisiana and up to Michigan so it's been a partnership through the United States we've got shelters throughout the state of Michigan we have the animal rescue corps from Tennessee and we're all working together this was a great collaboration of partners to go down identify pets that are totally adaptable and don't have a chance at st. Landry because there's nobody coming to adopt their I think this is a really groundbreaking for all of the dogs coming up from the south we're boots on the ground with all the rescues that are gonna be pulling an animal rescue corps who will be transporting all of the dogs tomorrow it's really exciting to be here and we start to finish with these dogs really win-win because shelters in Michigan are

actually looking for adoptable animals the shelters down in the South have an abundance so this is really a win-win for the animals and it's just an awesome to be part of it we had originally planned to take 30 to 40 dogs from st. Landry but once we got there and saw the size and mix of the dogs as well as moms and puppies allowed us to bring nearly twice the amount of dogs we expected to so in all we brought back 67 dogs to guinea pigs and a ferret in total 84 animals left between bissell pet foundation and anna-marie support and then there were another 36 that were identified to come at a later date so the number is actually 120 animals that have been tagged for rescue you know the dogs that leave here today they possibly could have been euthanized tomorrow and that's there's no better gift than anybody can give then of life so this is just one of probably thousands of shelters just like this throughout the United States you know you can never do enough be enough save enough you just always feel like you're still missing a piece and it's just an ongoing endless cycle we do not have reduced spay and neuter clinics here my average vet

charge is over two hundred dollars and when you're dealing in a poverty-stricken parish where my average person makes less than 22,000 a year that's an impossible task for them today the key to our overpopulation situation is low-cost spay neuter it is a singular focused clinic that people with lower incomes even middle incomes can afford and stops the continuation of the overpopulation you know really in Michigan we're lucky spay and neuter is is you know I mean it's it's rare to find unwanted litters of puppies I've been doing this since 2002 and when I first started you know it was normal to have litter upon litter of puppies and we just don't see that that's not the reality at Michigan anymore so this collaboration has been amazing I honestly feel like I put the best team together there's so many wonderful people out there trying to make a difference but this team everybody's in it for the animals and for the long haul I mean I just I really really appreciate everybody I mean nobody even knew where st. Landry was until miscalculations stepdaughter she single-handedly has changed the life of

thousands of dogs right here in st. Landry it's really amazing because we weren't their problem but to step up and say I can help it's been really nice [Music] you