01 July 2017

Blood Work & Your Pet | Veterinary Vlog#12

Pets can't say how they're feeling - it's usually how they look or act that tells you something is wrong. You play a key role in helping your pet combat illness and ...

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today we're going to be talking about these lab machines that you see behind me so all of these machines provide us with vital information about your pet and how they are functioning internally without these machines we would not be able to practice veterinary medicine very well so I am constantly back here running blood samples through all of these machines on a daily basis they are a very important part of my job so we're going to talk about why if you're new to my channel what's up all of my social media is linked down below if you want to check any of that out but let's go ahead and get started so we have six machines to your total that run specialized tests on your pet one two three four five and six so we're going to run would work in four different situations if there is a sick or an emergency situation if we are monitoring and medication if we're doing a pre anesthetic blood work we're testing before a surgical procedure or if I'm running a preventative care screen these are the four situations so pets can't tell you how they're feeling it's usually have a look or they act that lets you know that they aren't feeling

well so we can only tell so much about your pet when we do a physical exam on them to get a complete well-rounded picture of your pets overall health blood work is required to do I personally do lab work on my dog and my cat once a year every year I have since they were about a year old and uh they're about six years old now one of my biggest pet peeves is when I am trying to convince an owner to do lab work and they look at him and they say uh well he looks healthy enough to me no you cannot look at your pet and know that they are healthy internally I found all sorts of issues on my pets lab work when I thought they were healthy-looking that if I wouldn't have caught at such an early stage would be a severe issue for my dog in my cat now so I am a big big big believer when it comes to preventive blood work here on your pits so we're going to start with this machine right here laughs hey this is our first site this is going to run a complete blood count or CBC for short it is literally super easy to use a CBC is used to screen for anemia which is low red blood cells inflammation infection stress leukemia bleeding

problems the inability to fight infection and also your pets hydration status once the machine is done analyzing the sample it shoots out these results and then it does give us a low and a high end so all of that in black is normal and the ones in red are high so these two machines are actually the same they are our chemistry analyzers this machine is our catalyst it's going to check the liver the kidneys it checks the electrolytes as well so this machine is going to let me know if there's any early signs of renal disease renal failure infections kidney stones cancer abnormalities resulting from long term medications and then also for the liver the same thing so liver disease Cushing's syndrome certain cancers dehydration obstruction of the bile ducts or abnormalities resulting in long term medications just like before when the machine is done analyzing a sample it's going to shoot me out the results same thing everything in black is normal so this patient looks good so this little machine right here just runs a bunch of our specialized tests like testing the thyroid the pancreas also in

felines it runs a test called a probe E&P it lets us know how your cat's heart is functioning which is really cool don't ask me why they haven't made one in dogs yet I don't know so when running a urinalysis we're going to do three different tests we're going to run your analysis strip we have a fancy machine that reads it for us or if you don't have this machine and get the strip and you compare it on the bottle so when you place a drop of urine on these little squares they're going to change a different color and then you match that color over here to your answer key to let you know exactly what the pH is there's blood in the urine things like that so your analysis even though it's not a blood test is essential for a comprehensive evaluation of the kidney functions your analysis includes the physical chemical and microscopic evaluation of your pits urine this evaluation provides additional information about the kidney and the liver as well as the general well-being of your pit I'm going to take that urine sample and I'm going to let the computer know how I collected the

urine if it was a free catch or a cyst Osen TSYS the color of the urine and if it's clear if it's cloudy if it's very cloudy and then I'm also going to enter the specific gravity that I got earlier so what we used to do is we would collect your pets your in and put it in one of these little vials now I would put this in the centrifuge and it's going to spin it super fast so that the liquid portion of your pets urine is at the top and what we call the sediment is at the bottom so what a urine sediment is is going to be the bacteria if there's any crystals the red blood cells the white blood cells if there is any in your pets urine it's going to shoot it down to the bottom so then we take that bottom sediment and we look at under the microscope but this machine does all that for me so all I do is put urine in it it spins it down it looks at it and it shoots it to the computer and also it takes pictures of the urine so I can see what exactly is in it it will identify any abnormalities in the urine which is crazy basically robots are trying to take over my job are you guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that it was very helpful for you guys to

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