15 February 2019

Blue LOBSTER Crawfish EGGS get Home AQUARIUM!

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here we are at the goldfish bathtub I

put this here they'll roll up right on it see we're about to have some blue lobster eggs tonight I'm so excited easy easy easy ninja easy no food for you and there she goes with her eggs what's up buddy what's going on ninja guys this is my water cow goby also known as my alien fish guys what's going on Slayers trying to get right into it today and we're just gonna look at our fish right here look at that guy hey what's going on then do you want to come up above hey up here up here come on come up that's my boy always say hi for the camera what's going on Slayers anything I guess that's what his voice would be if he could speak now let's go ahead and check out our Gophers our ogre blob catfish oh that's a little poo from that last feeding video guys to go and check that out check it out look at ninja follow me across now oh I can't forget we have one guy down here we have god Zilla check him out he's so good he's loving his new enclosure we're gonna be doing a little bit more renovations to this one but he's looking good now today's video it has nothing to do with this guy or that guy over Godzilla

himself we are actually gonna be taking a look at Crayola are blue crawfish yes or blue lobster crawfish now I noticed as well as everyone else commented in the video turtle vs. crawfish let's go ahead and roll a clip of what happened there [Music] versus crawfish here we go while I was editing I noticed this check it out right there you can see if I freeze the frame Crayola is actually loaded with eggs yes so without further ado guys go and check out Crayola now guys here is my 15 down plants where I usually keep my prof. fish but right now I have some platies and I have Crayola there she's usually uh she's hiding here that is what I call the breeding tree every single crawfish I've ever had successfully lay eggs and hatch them have been in this tree this tree is very significant to us here on my channel guys here on my channel so the mission is to get her out as safe as possible without harming the eggs so you guys can see but also we transport her into her new tank now with that being said guys let's go ahead and feed them I usually feed of omega one shrimp pods because

it's perfectly sink so that's the bladder get the e and my other crawfish get to eat so I'm going to take this out below today guys so bear with me come on in here just enough - I don't like to overfeed these fish and they know what's going on here we go come on please look at the other one go and once the Yellin eats so do the other ones Oh orange white spot each one so while they're eating and stuffs let's go ahead and so you can find Crayola oh look there she is so she's no longer in the breeding tree she's out here perfect that works out so as you can see guys I have like a little jungle gym going like she can go in there and she can go around which that will connect into there that's something I did for the crawfish so let me take this out real quick so guys before we take her out and see you let's go ahead and use this Tupperware I have here and I'm gonna fill this up with some water from the tank not too much so then she can go ahead and sit here so that the eggs aren't harmed too much now I'm going to get soaked long sleeves get ready guys so there she is

there is Creole the blue crawfish the famous blue crawfish and ask you what's going on at me go ahead and put the lid so you can see oh my god you can see your eggs guys oh you can see her eggs so I didn't confirm 100% before because I've been taking her out but this is the first time I'm seeing her out we're doing this together guys so let me zoom in closely there they are there are her crawfish eggs now I'm pretty certain like almost a hundred percent sure that these are blue lobster eggs these are blue lobsters because the only person she got jiggy with was blue so here's the blue crawfish she's looking so pretty oh thanks for showing us the eggs so as you can see guys there are those eggs and majority of them look fertilized guys super fertilized so as you can see guys she's trying to hide because she feels very Prince and she's out in the open so what I'm gonna go ahead and do it first before we go ahead and mute and move her I gotta move these guys I got a move on because I don't want them to threaten her eggs and her offspring so let's take a look at her while she's so close but look she's blue with a little bit of purple she's just

looking great guys she's looking good so let's go ahead and move our platies from this tank into the bathtub outside so that we can go ahead and set up Crayolas enclosure and here is the last one come on there we go so we have our platies here I got plans for you in the future but right now we're taking them to the Go Fish bathtub here we are at the goldfish bath tub I put this here they'll roll up right on and see oh they're savage but worry not choice we're not gonna eat them even though I have I call them my goldfish piranhas they only eat flakes so I'm gonna go ahead and put these guys here just let them float around and get used to the water but the water is about the same temperature as the tank they were in so it's only I take a little bit before they can go ahead and be released into the goldfish bathtub so it's been about 20 minutes or so and the time has come where we release our patties into the goldfish bathtub if he'll be very hard to take them out of this tank in the future so wish me luck guys all right be free see you later guys and just like that they're gone

oh there there's a right there so we're gonna be filling these up with some variety of tropical fish and stuff so that we can go ahead and make separate ponds but that's gonna be for later in another time so back to Crayola all right Slayer so we made it back and there is Crayola looking righty and tidy she has the entire aquarium to herself now she says stay here until the new aquarium finish cycling and stuff like that's gonna be a couple days I'm gonna go ahead and speed cycle it grab some bio media from this thing here and try to speed cycling fur because this is such a big tank and what's gonna happen is if the babies hatch here dude gets sucked up through that vent whereas the other one is gonna be a shrimp tank but when I bought for in previous video so let's take a look at these eggs oh my gosh there's so many and they all look fertile to me perfect we're about to have some blue lobster eggs guys I'm so excited this is gonna be absolutely insane so let's go ahead and actually move her from here into this little holding tank right now so we can go ahead and examine look at all those eggs so she's in there now those are rocks

from the tank those aren't eggs well guys look at her colors there's blue blackest and some purple she's such a gorgeous blue lobsters what I'm gonna go ahead and do is carefully carefully secure her claws so that we may go ahead and examine her with her eggs look at that another successful breeding for my crawfish but this time they're gonna be blue she has so many eggs guys in the comments below can you count how many eggs she has look at that there's so many and a lot of them look fertile so let me stop stressing her now let me put her back in here okay and what I'm gonna go ahead and do is place her in here put all this stuff back in here while the other team cycles and then afterwards we're gonna move her I'll see you in a couple of days all right Slayers well the day has come this tank is a hundred percent cycle there's nothing in it hey what's going on Nunes you always want to be in the frame we got it bro we got it you always want the attention I understand so we got our tank ready to go it's one of those EBA footballs they're perfect it comes with the

straddle and gravel which is absolutely perfect so it's good for plants if you want to go ahead and do some planted tanks it has everything you need I highly recommend it catch them while fishing also uses these and they're easy to go ahead and clean you just take everything out there just the flu ball systems just a smaller version of that and it's perfect it's my favorite so without being said let's go ahead and get Crayola in our new tank all right player so as you can see we have Crayola there chilling she's hiding in her little domain enjoying her life now we're gonna go ahead and add her to the other 10 now she has a lot of space here there are those eggs look at all beautiful eggs so she does live a good life in here but I want to make sure that nothing contaminates these eggs like the last one so let's go ahead and get her out and get her into this container again and we'll take a look at bright so we're gonna actually instead of trying to fight through the structure we're just gonna take everything out hopefully I don't spill water don't spill any water is she in here oh look she's in here so that actually worked

out best for us hopefully she doesn't get out come on Crayola easy easy don't do it don't let go slowly over here got it oh don't fall don't fall don't fall forget a fall fall on here forget a fall fall on here alright she's good so we're gonna actually have her go in there come on there you go here you go oh she's got on her back but look at all those eggs guys look at all those eggs again comment below how many you think are there so here let me fit let me help you out let me help ya let me help you out come on don't pinch me alright so she's here her body is moist so she's gonna be fine and she's looking beautiful look at those colors guys reds blues purples dark blues blue hopefully her babies are like that too so let's get her into her new tank easy easy easy ninja easy no food for you these are our babies no no no you're not gonna eat these so her tank is ready it's looking great now guys it's looking good and the water is about the same so we're just gonna go ahead and plop her in there hold on one moment all right guys so there's crayola she looks so good so let me go ahead and grab a real quick

secure these claws and look at these eggs guys they look absolutely amazing hey chill out it's not for you so everything looks really good really really really good and here we go we're gonna go ahead and just have her walk in there by herself go inside go that way go in and there she goes with her eggs Wow look how blue she looks in here that is amazing how blue she looks so I think we should go ahead and get our decoration you know what I have just the perfect thing so this is mama cross decoration where she usually hides in between right here so she can go ahead and keep those babies alive so we're gonna go ahead and pass it down these are hand-me-downs we're gonna go ahead and put this in Crayola stink as well so here you go we're putting that there or are you not chill out chill out ninja crayfish our friends not food well this one's a friend so here she is so I'm gonna go ahead and without spilling a whole bunch of water to kind of bury this a little bit for her so she can go ahead and go inside and hide and have her babies and fees no it's gonna happen it's unfortunately not with the decoration we're not gonna be able to

see her but we're gonna be doing some periodic updates and checks on these babies cuz they're gonna be hatching in about two maybe three weeks so guys I hope you enjoyed this episode don't forget to Like and subscribe we are over 85,000 subscribers and yes without you guys none of this is possible these are my fish and they're also your fish too that might go person a little later guys like I always say I hope you enjoyed the episode and I'll see you in the next life venture booyah [Music] you [Music]