08 November 2018

Bobby and a beautiful walk, Artemis dog training

This walk is loose leash. Even though I have my hand close down on him I am not restraining him he is following my lead!

hey guys this is Bob I'm gonna show you

that he is really good at doing a heel position [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] Bob good let's go please good boy so this is what we want to see with Bob he's definitely a working dog and his brain clicks right into that that mode once it's been shaped thumbs and so that's what we've been you know this is really my first time walking him today and he pays right attention to me when he's been told what to do and has been made to follow through so this means correcting him if he's biting on the leash pawing at me jumping at me he's not allowed to run through doors we've I've corrected him as we've done all those things so once he's not allowed to just do whatever he wants and he has to look to me for permission this is what you get so you're gonna be able to do this just fine and he's gonna be great and so when you're on a walk there's gonna be no sniffing no peeing on things nothing just walking in that heel

position and that is also gonna calm him down because he's gonna be paying attention to you all those turns I just did he he's watching me and anticipating you know and and following my every movement he knows when I stop he's supposed to sit so this is him you know being common laying down he trusts that I'm gonna take care of everything around here for him he doesn't need to have any business barking or lunging it you know birds horses dogs whatever's in the neighborhood or new or new people and so now when you're on a walk with him and you want to have him go potty then you'll go ahead and stop pull aside and then stay go ahead and go potty because that's gonna let him know that that's a time where he is allowed to sniff around a bit then you say okay let's go and boom pops right back in yeah Bob loves this weather so this is great for him I've got to bundle up a bit but take care and we'll see you in the next video