20 January 2018

Boo Day 177 - Splash Says "Give Me Some Pets" - Feral Cats Winter

All of the cats like to get their pets. Simba made sure Splash was not shut out of breakfast. Boo doesn't like how the wheel moves. All three of the cats were ...

Stella splash Simba Hydrox and boom the

lucky Pharaohs 911 am good morning everybody Stella jumped on my bed this morning and she wanted me to pet her for 20 minutes I know it was 20 minutes because my snooze alarm went off twice and it's 10 minutes between each snooze good morning boo how are you there Stella by a goose door somebody even jumped on the bed this morning to get his pets right Simba wanted me to pet him for like 10 minutes I want to tell you what just happened so I was on top of the stairs and I was just about to come downstairs with the food and feed the cats and what I want to do is I want to just keep the cats downstairs and then go up feed boo and then come back downstairs and work out on the treadmill so I was on the top of the steps and I went to shut the door I actually shut the door and Simba looked up at the door and he sent me a mental message saying don't shut the door splashes still upstairs and I said oh okay so I opened the door and I go splash come on come on splash we're gonna eat meanwhile mentally I thought splash was downstairs that's why I shut the door because I

thought splash was downstairs already but Simba is the one who told me no splash is still upstairs don't you know shut the door and splash and look there's splash splash was still upstairs so when I say Simba is the one that speaks to me the most that's what I mean I don't mean like verbally meowing at me I mean like telepathically sending me these thoughts all three cats are eating their food the splash might want me to pet him I really didn't get to pet him before he ate he likes to be petted before he ate nice boys splash nice boy now you could eat okay good morning boo what I would like to do is like pick boo up and put him on this and see what happens come on boo you wanna go on you come on it is almost 12 p.m. and I just came outside to give Hydrox some food and he was sitting on this chair the only problem was that I could not see him sitting on the chair because kind of like the table blocked my view so I just came over here and he just jumped off the chair but I'm giving him a full can of this Trader Joe's chicken turkey and rice dinner I'm sorry if it's out of focus I have the camera in one hand and

the can of food in the other hand I like the Trader Joe's foods I think they're great value for the money they don't use any byproducts at all the ingredients are chicken broth chicken turkey ocean fish animal liver brewers rice Oprah and fish protein concentrate then it goes into some thickeners and also minerals and vitamins the one thing I don't like about the Trader Joe's food is that they don't really put any vegetables or fruit in it or anything like that it's pretty much just kind of protein this has some grain some rice and some oats but other than that it's pretty good I gave hydroxyl can of food because it is only 28 degrees out when cats are outside and dealing with the cold it's good to give them extra food I'd rather Hydrox had more than enough food to eat then not enough food to eat okay right now inside the sunroom it's about 32 degrees 34 degrees it was only about maybe like a 6 degree difference it's not sunny at all it's really cloudy and overcast today and we were supposed to get some snow today we were supposed to get like an inch of snow but the forecast has changed now we're not supposed to get snow until tomorrow and

now we're supposed to get like two to five inches I just came downstairs to empty the bag of garbage in the bathroom and look what I'm seeing three cats on the sofa poor Simba doesn't ever been to lay in there's the other gray bed on the Ottoman so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move the gray bed over to the sofa so there will be three beds on the sofa and I think they'll like that better and I know as I go to do that slash is gonna run away so they'll go back on them okay here we have the three beds on the sofa we have the two round Amazon beds and we have this one link rectangle pet bed that I got at t.j.maxx like a year ago and they should like laying in these let's see if they all three leonie's at the same time it is 7:15 p.m. I'm in my office I am trying to finish up a project so I can leave and there is a livestream going on today and it who in the cat towers while he's on free room and I want to give a shout out to Lisa m and Paul Carey for their super chat donations today thank you guys so much I really appreciate that it definitely helps pay for cat supplies so thank you guys for checking out the livestream and thank you guys

for the super chat oh my god like major like splash just right now just twice splash like is he gonna do it three times splash like came up to me and he's like give me some pets that was the first time ever that Lake splash actually came up to my hand it was like give me some pets no I didn't catch it on camera but I was like totally shocked look look splash just came up to my hand it was like give me some Pat's now I should also mention that it is about 9:50 p.m. and I just got home so um spy she's probably really hungry they had their breakfast this morning but I did not leave out any um extra food from them or anything so maybe splash is really hungry it's been a long day but I mean that's big progress for Splash when they were living outside and splash and simba were kittens not tiny kittens but you know kind of like let's say teenager kittens sometimes splash would come around by himself and he'd you know come around by the back door like looking for food and it was always when he was really really hungry that he would initiate contact with me and today was the first day ever that splash came

up to me for pets like I can't believe that that's pretty amazing right splash he's probably been living inside a year now a year it took him and I don't know if this is just something that he's gonna do today cuz he's hungry or if it would continue I'm just taking advantage of this right now because I know the minute I feed them he'll probably run away booze upstairs in his room who was on free roam all day sounds like boo is scratching in his litter box he's normally like way more standoffish than the other cats look look pour splash yeah I know you're hungry I'll give you food the splash has never let me pet him so much Lucky's not even running away okay guys we're gonna eat you ready to eat the other thing I want to mention is that since the three of these cats are family they are very very patient and tolerant with each other like they take turns usually I mean Simba is the only one who gets impatient and steals treats and stuff but everyone else Stella and splash they take turns and Simba takes turns off it also like when it comes to playing and stuff like that it's just he needs to learn some treat etiquette you

know who simply reminds me of the Cookie Monster it was like a Cookie Monster when he growls and eats at the same time okay here we go guys we're gonna eat is everyone ready to eat just flash going to rub up against my legs I think he's gonna do that or really still afraid so it just rubbed up against my legs flash you're gonna rub up against my legs are you splashy okay we're gonna eat okay splashing to eat to eat your food guys I'm in booths room right now and I have this toy with the feathers on the end and I'm like putting it up here and Boo has been like trying to get it and he's been making the wheel turn but the problem is when he makes the wheel turn then he jumps off of it he was like afraid of the wheel moving but he's so far he's come closer to actually running on this wheel than any of the other cats have you got it you could do it yeah up here come on you could do it okay I think maybe okay I don't think you guys heard that so anyway so this just

dropped on the ground and there must have been several cats like right outside of the door late eavesdropping because when this fell on the ground they all went scurrying and I heard it so I think that Boo just needs to get used to the movement on this wheel and if he can get used to just the fact that it moves then he might not be afraid of it maybe we could get him to use it it is 11 19 p.m. and the other cats are downstairs right now they are supposed to be on free roam tonight and I'm thinking of maybe keeping Bhuwan free room because boot was on free roam all day but he was by himself at home and actually as I'm saying that I'm realizing that I should probably not keep him on free roam tonight because if he's in his room with the gates up he's not alone because there's always cats at the gate so he's always hanging out with other cats so that's obviously a better idea so I think what I'll do is I'll just play with him for a few minutes and then put him in his room [Music] do you see how many toys boo was surrounded with right now it's like a joke there's one two three four five six

seven you see seven toys in the shot it is 1144 p.m. and I've decided that food will be in his room tonight and I'll put the gate on his door and I'm sure salmon splash I'm gonna hang out by his door most of the night they usually do but I took the wheel out of boos room because I feel like it's too much for him he has a lot going on right now he's being trained with the harness he's had collars on him and you know he's dealing with the other cats spending time with them and I don't want to throw the wheel on top of all that right now so I took the wheel out and most likely gonna put it back downstairs when I told boo I'd give him some crunchies right now thank you for watching this lucky hours video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up please subscribe if you'd like me to post more videos and please make sure to check out these other videos that were selected especially for you [Music]