19 December 2016

Bravo Kennel Presents: International Puppy sale featuring Cecilie from Denmark

Bravo Kennel featuring the International sale of one of our Bravo Kennel puppies to Cecilie from Denmark.

hello folks my name is Bo hat and I'm

the owner of brown kennel for my loyal viewers that have seen our videos before thank you and for those of you that are new to visiting us I have a today oh you just flew in from and you're right and you want to put it that way I'm afraid of heights - right are you terrified I'm terrified okay well you went out of your way to come here to get your puppy in this is your boy what's his name his name is Imani and who named me and my boyfriend tested that's wonderful well you spent some time with him earlier today already yeah and are you how do you was it worthwhile [Music] [Music] and now everything's getting into place and I just can't wait to get home with him now that's great have you had a smooth transition is everything going well for you with your experience with brothel kennel so far yeah everything everything is well smooth things since the before school I made and services you're offering as far as you know the internet which folks we did spend a lot of time on the internet which was not nice I enjoyed that too yeah that's all part of it I mean you

need to be able to view the puppies and see which one you like and yeah there were quite a few puppies for you to choose from and that process wasn't that easy right no it was also you know we we knew from start which which we wanted from and then with our turn and as still as possible was mind blowing like I haven't ever been happier to to see them domitius about that was plus my science taken from the litter that I by hardware you wanted yes it was amazing that's great well folks this puppy is acting right now that's because he's been out of the house all day and he's only got in one meal he's hungry he doesn't want to be doing this right now but he doesn't have a choice you wanted to go of the mark a lot yeah that was very vocal let me put that yeah and could speak when when there was anyone coming well this puppy definitely is very vocal and as you could see he's got personality yeah how much that we just came from the vets I had to do several documented certificates for her to travel back to her country I took care of all of that and no big deal and then today we had to go again and get another inspection from

the veterinarian 48 hours prior to you get along fight the best that you do wait today he's not even a new solo yet 22 pounds [Music] when I was thank you so much it's been wonderful getting to know you and your boyfriend over the Internet and I'm just so happy that I was able to as you put it fulfill your dream yeah so it's wonderful for us to be a part of that yeah so is there anything in parting that you might like to say to the public about the other McGraw McConnell or coming environment a lot of overseas I mean you felt confident doing it would you recommend would you do it again if you wanted another open to recommend that to anybody else well I certainly will it's hard and you have to really study what you're doing I spoke with the government maybe 20 times I spoke with the and the same I spoke with several planned flight companies and when it all came together it was just like it wasn't hard what's what you know what to do yeah exactly well it has been hard sleeping at night because I've been nervous and everything but but now I

just feel confident about it and of course a spark goes with the whole experience with Bravo come are also considered by my boss from here once more oh yeah because that they are either way it's been great getting to know you and I know a wonderful friendship and relationship you know long distance but Cecilia and her boyfriend Casper are you're interested in getting involved in international dog shows with them is that right yeah and there's also a medical benefit to that post dope with crop ears is less prone to ear infection because they have the air circulation and the moisture does not build up so there is a medical benefit to you as well well I'm going to say a thank you for working with Bravo kennel good luck with your your hopes and dreams with the dog shows and I'm only a phone call away you know that you have any questions about showing so I'm gonna teach Cecilia now off camera you guys don't get to see this but I'm going to teach her how to teach the dog to stack so she could leave here going back home with a puppy that already knows how to stack will hold us back before the dog shows there

you go yeah okay folks sincerely thanks again thanks for coming thank you folks thanks for visiting and if you have any questions about the greedy or my go to me my phone number is nine one seven four five three three two two six Bravo Kendall calm that's my website and I also have the Facebook is broken LLC and that's in the USA bye for now