14 October 2009

Brother Buzz Episode: Small Pets

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of humane education and I found a lot of you would like to own even a puppy to be able to run around and play some apartment house owners don't allow them I mean this is the story of a little boy in a little girl and what happened to them once upon an afternoon a very special afternoon you teach children and Deirdre came to the park as often as they could to see the birds and the animals and the insects too and there was so much safe to run and play in defeat the two children lived in a place where there wasn't a lot of space to play in and decide there were a lot of signs like no noise and do not disturb and worst of all no dogs or cats allowed the children who lived in apartment houses had to put up with that sort of thing though the kids came to the park and pretended that all the animals belong to them they would have liked to have had a little puffier Kitty to take care of but well it just wasn't possible oh well there were plenty of dwell trails to follow in the park and flowers to see plenty of other afternoon yeah you don't think you'd like to be attacked for a

boy or girl do you wide open faces a smart man but wouldn't you like to have a nice little cage or a shoebox filled with straw and I'm not well well boys and girls tipper likes his freedom but there are a lot of other small creatures would like to be taken care of and they would fit nicely into even your small apartments just as Sheldon and Judith settled for a little hamster maybe you will find a small town who would love to have you take care of him well bye for now