25 May 2018

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet - Play Fun Cute Kitten Pet Care Game

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet - Best Family Cat by Bubadu → Download ➤ Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bubadu.bubbu ➤ App Store: ...


and hi everybody it's Dasha and today we'll play the game my future pet let's wash him from dirt here is the bathroom finally I know booboo you don't like it but you have to take bath you're very dirty you should be like you on now now you have to it you're hungry then buy something to eat let's buy some bread and and a pineapple [Music] let's buy a fish a chicken this this we will not buy and so she that's it we are on the third level now we have to feed boo boo I'm afraid we don't have enough are you still hungry what about pineapple done who is not hungry anymore but he doesn't need anything here yet maybe buy some grass and me and me you need something against sleep we have to buy this we'll buy everything even something secret but we will not drink it we'll buy this and that's all you need not to sleep yes finally we are on the fourth level there are money and the secret one but we will not open it we will open it a little bit later look at the booboo there okay boo-boo having throw it away be careful oh look

it's roulette let's try it Oh we'll be in it we'll win it no but we got an apple by the way we can spin one more time or two times and what do we get from hunger you already have it and it's one more for free and one more time I want to get money or crystals oil from sleep and spin oh it's a cake but it's available on the last level so we are even lucky let's go for a walk Oh now let's better draw watch how the draw let me draw a heart because I love you so much now I'll paint it exactly red it's easy let's paint you'll be quickly very quickly we painted all paint four three two one and it's ready oh there is even rainbow poop look at these colors we even didn't notice them let's see so bright color even beautiful [Music] very beautiful here we can play the piano 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 [Music] 1718 [Music] 19:12 we've counted to 12 and we go outside and we can even play let's go

let's play this minigame we were confined different minigames folks I almost lost but I'm lucky [Music] let's play one more time you'll play each minigame twice so long stick okay we are doing great it's easy but are they small it's difficult and when they are very far [Music] Oh [Music] loop so rocket let's do it [Music] that's it game over but we've defended the galaxy it's okay let's play football with booboo [Music] come on go boo boo let's do it again because Papa doesn't move it's impossible let's repeat he didn't react [Music] No [Music] okay that's okay now now look at this houses it's a friend's house let's go there and maybe we'll find some games look he's black here we have to open everything and it's salmon go away it's a friend

[Music] we file sushi whole lotta close it we bubbles what can be there [Music] nothing special bye oh boo boo you cost chickenpox I know what to do we'll find this for you and you will get well this we get new minigame let's see lo there are different games let go let's think Oh what shall we do I have to go somewhere no this house is going to be flood oh I wanted to escape what's now let's play milk three two one we have to collect some I will be slow wish I had two Mouse's I could be faster [Music] please at least one we have to collect some we don't have much time we are out of time [Music] it didn't work okay bye-bye everyone it was Dasha and see you in the next videos bye bye [Music]