17 June 2013

Bunny Proof Your House-Part 1

Bunny proofing cords and wires! **I forgot to mention, make sure to put outlet covers on any unused electrical outlets!!

hello I'm gonna show you guys a few ways

to bunny proof your house so you can let your bunnies out for free time without having to worry too much about them getting into too much stuff so the first thing and I like to get into everything so the first thing I'm gonna show you today is about how to bunny proof some of your chords so that your bunnies can't chew them okay so there's a few different ways you can keep your bunny from chewing your your court one thing you can do is spray something called bitter Apple spray and they have other versions of it on your directly on your courts some bunnies like the taste of it most don't but it wears off and you have to respray it what I used on these is just some tubing that I got at Lowe's these are our phone cords so on this particular phone cord this goes to an iPhone 5 the end this part wasn't too big so I was able to just slide it through so I didn't have to cut a slit in the tube I just slid it in and then taped it it was too short so I added another little piece and just taped it up I would use duct tape but we were out so you've been using scotch tape and I'll go back over that with duct tape when we get some and then I would also

go ahead and spray the bitter apple spray on these just to be safe because the bunnies can't you through that eventually it's really hard rubber but you still want to keep an eye on them and make sure then this is my phone cord for the iPhone 4 and since the end is so wide it didn't fit so because of that I had to cut a slit and actually this end fit like barely but it was too tight to push it through so I had to cut a slit all the way down the cord and then you just push it in and then tape I haven't done this thing yet but you tape it around the ends so that the cord can't come out so that's one way to do it here's another area where I use the clear rubber tubing you can see it's plugged in down there and the tube starts at the very edge of the plug in and follows the cord all the way up until the the switch and the switch is in the middle of the cord so instead of adding more wire tubing to this half the cord I just wrapped it around the lamp and this makes the switch easier to access and it's still bunny safe another thing you can use and I also got this at Lowe's is um this corrugated tubing and usually it's wide enough that you don't

have to cut so I actually didn't need to cut this but I did it was the first one that I made and I just assumed it I would need to cut it but it's really easy to cut but you don't need to cut it unless this is too wide otherwise you can just run it through and this one's a lot wider but it's easier to bend and it is called like corrugated flex tubing I think and it comes in a few different colors usually white or blue and it was a little bit too short so I just wrapped the cord up here and used cable ties so that's another way if you have spaces that look like this just like behind the TV stand for example just cords everywhere um there's a few different things you can do the best thing you could possibly probably do would be to block it off completely with like a piece of wood or something what I'm gonna do here and I'll show you guys when I get it done is get some like wood like shelves and just you know probably like pretty high and add it on here so that the the whole TV stand comes out further but there will be a place about there for the cords and the bunnies won't be able to get in a few other things you can do is use cable ties he's

looking for treats you can use cable ties to try to keep them all together and up high tape one up high but you'll still need to watch out for these spots down here where they're plugged in or you could also you know cable tie them all together and then try to put one of the corrugated tubes around it I did try to do that but since the wires are all coming from and leading to different places that was really hard to do so that is going to have to be just blocked off completely on both sides this is a child's bed rail that I just taped a little bit so okay so one of my favorite ways to protect cords from chewing bunnies is and I have a hairdryer in a vacuum like this I'm not sure what all you can get like this but the cord comes out of this little hole and there's a button over here right here and when you push down on the button okay sorry it was a bit jammed you press on the button inside the vacuum can't get the cord no no panda see it's gone bye-bye see so that works really well and it's jammed this is an old vacuum but like I said I don't know have a hair dryer like this and it works really well and all that's left is that part and

then I'll just put the vacuum in the closet and this method works best with appliances and things that you're not gonna have out all the time because you know it's kind of hard to plug it in when it's just barely sticking out but you know it's a really good way to keep your cords put up and then in case the calls that gets left open or something you don't have the cords because even whenever you wrap the cords around the back of the vacuums the bunnies can still chew on them and still will chew on them there's no way they can get them like that I really haven't been able to find a good solution for this besides just wrapping it up and sticking it in there still hanging out but for now all I can really think to do is to use cable ties so I'm gonna try using cable ties those are usually my solution when I have no other solution so I'll see how that works but if anybody has any ideas for me here um please let me know and they are really wanting to chew this one so if you have any better ideas please let me know okay so I tried the zip ties here and try to push it back in but it doesn't fit so the only the only thing I can think to do for now is to put to

pull this tapestry over and thumbtack it so I'm lucky that I have that there in your computer room or other rooms where there may be lots of wires that are hard to block off you should just keep the door closed at all times or you can use a baby gate in the doorway or post it out on the door as a reminder to everyone in the family to keep that door closed here I have an i home that we rarely use as you can see the cord is stronger cost across the floor and we usually plug it in there so the stronger the cord is usually strung across the wall for things like this that you don't use often you should simply unplug the cord wrap up the cord and put it away thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed all of my tips on how to bunny proof your cords in your home