27 March 2017

Business Class on Amtrak review

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what's up guys Peter Vaughn Pandey here

I'm actually in the Union Station in Chicago come busting a move my Amtrak train going to take a little trip from Chicago to Detroit on the Wolverine line so I wanted to take you along and show to you one of the things that I wanted to point out is I'm actually traveling business class so I wanted to give you a little look at what this one of your $30 upgrade will typically look like but sometimes it's up to 80 bucks so let's take a look the business class car in this train was directly behind the locomotive the rear of the car was the dining car with the tables and benches to reach that heat the center was the cafe where they sell the drink sandwiches and snacks you passed through a curtain divider to enter the business class seating section in that section there are three chairs in each row the left side has two seats and the right side that has an individual feed the seating is first-come first-served so there's no assigned seating so if you're traveling alone you may want to get there early to get the individual seat or if you're traveling with a friend you may want to get there early to get the pair of you there are parcel shelves

above each of the seats on each side which are large enough to handle your luggage make it evening to access and retrieve your items throughout your trip there are also reading lights mounted underneath so that you can have personal lighting there are no air vents like there are on airlines there are usually two standard electrical outlets in each row so you should be able to charge your electronics at your chair some of the windows have dark curtains which slide back and forth which are nice to block out the Sun one thing to note is that the front row seats do not have trade papers since the tray tables pull down from the seat in front of you if you get the seats in the front directly behind the bulkhead you'll have to keep your drinks in the center console or in the dual seats or in your hand or in your lap in the single feed it'd be nice if there was a full tile tray from the armrest but there wasn't on my train this might be important so if you're planning on working on a laptop and watching a lot of movies or doing any other type of work in your seat you may want to get there early to get a seat

farther back in the coach the advantage of these seats though is that there's a tremendous amount of legroom I couldn't even touch the okay with my feet so if you're really tall then this might actually be a good trade-off for you the seats are nice and not really any bigger than the rest of the Amtrak seat but these more burgundy leather instead of the standard blue cloth seats the controls for the feature on the right arm run the rear works which allows the things to recline they do require quite bars and plug farther than most normal airlines unless you're going to go to sleep they also fly too far and about half way back in the maximum recline position is usually a nice pitch to relax nap and actually be very very comfortable there is a leg rest like an ottoman that pulls out from underneath your seat cushion this provides support for your legs underneath your cab if you pull the forward lever on the right armrest that will release your leg rest and it will go back down to underneath your chair if you're in a row with a seat in front of you there's also a metal footrest that folds down from the seat in front of you

so you can support your legs and feet at the same time which makes napping even that much more comfortable the cafe attendant walked through the business class section at the beginning of our trip offering each person a newspaper she also explained that your ticket includes one not alcoholic beverage as well as coffee it's on the honor system so you just have to tell the attendant that your business class passenger when you go to the cafe there was also free Wi-Fi on my training it may not be available for all passengers but it was a nice feature so I didn't have to tether my iPad to my iPhone the initial connection process for the network takes a little while and I actually thought that the login screen had frozen but didn't and once it was connected the speed was pretty decent probably around 4G cellular speed the speed definitely slowed in rural areas and a couple times I wasn't even able to connect you know still getting a Wi-Fi signal but it worked well for even a little surfing turning reliably throughout the trip I did notice that I couldn't download videos or app updates through the Apple i webstore through the Wi-Fi network

though so I think some traffic is blocked one of the drawbacks business class sections that you're in the train car directly behind the locomotion so you could be subject to more engine noise than passengers for the backer in the coach section in addition you also get most the train horn noise which is usually limited to the populated areas especially when they're going through a lot of shrimp front neither's our particular puzzle to me by the consideration require lastly the price of the upgrade over coaxing varies with how long in advance you booked and your specific route I booked my trip over a month in advance and the upgrade was about thirty dollars more than the $50 standard tickets or all-in-all I was about eighty dollars I think the upgrade was definitely worth it for my trip however I have seen the same trip upgrade charge climbed to as much as ninety dollars for the business flat fee so it can definitely vary with the time so you definitely want to check it out and determine that the value is there for you generally you'll have access to the business class and sleeper car only metropolitan lounge which is in some of

the Amtrak stations including Chicago so if you have a layover or a long way to education with a metropolitan lounge the great might definitely work kind of a private sitting area on the compound for medium-haul I've used Amtrak a lot and generally liked it I've noticed that on-time performance is a pretty spotty with Amtrak they need to be a little bit flexible in their departure and arrival time I bought travel insurance on one of my trips with Amtrak that that this cover major delays and I actually did use it on that trip but in terms of convenience price and comfort I found that it's a great option for trips of a 300 to 500 mile range it certainly beats the time they didn't take you to go through airport security and fly and I get a ride back from an airport all in all the Amtrak business class was a pretty nice experience peter von Bandar out